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Bike Camp 2019: Themes!

We are excited to announce that Bike Camp will be integrating weekly themes into our camps this summer! Start building up your costume collection, so you can sport your interpretation of each week’s theme. Remember dangly items aren’t necessarily the safest while riding bikes, and an excess of clothing, although fun, could be very hot. […]

Voyagers – A New Camp for Incoming 9th and 10th Graders

Now introducing a place for our avid high school cyclists! Voyagers, as the name implies, will travel far distances as they challenge themselves to boldly go where no camp has gone before. They’ll navigate downtown Portland, gaining confidence riding with traffic and communicating with other road users. Voyagers will learn about various types of multi-day […]

Our Plan in Response to Portland Public School’s Schedule Update

The Community Cycling Center is an organization that values both summer camp and education, and we recognize that our campers have varying schedules and circumstances. Portland Public School’s recent schedule update in response to making up this years snow days has created a conflict with our first two days of camp, June 10th and 11th. […]

Let’s Ride! Bike Camp 2016

By Kelley Goodwin, Assistant Camp Manager If you think kids are the only ones counting down the days until summer, you’re wrong. Teachers do it, too.  I know this because come spring, my roommate who works as a teacher tells me exactly how many school days are left. And I get excited, because the end […]