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Your Vote Matters – Please Use It!

The Cycling Center has five recommendations for you this election season:  1.  Vote!   Wherever you are, and whatever you believe, please make your voice heard!  Important issues and contested races are on the ballot in Oregon and elsewhere, and we urge everyone who is eligible to participate by casting a ballot.  If you are in Oregon, […]

Riding for Change!

by Jude Perez On a grey and chilly March morning, the staff of the Community Cycling Center received an email that would leave us smiling from ear to ear.  Elijah Shulman, a student at Northwest Academy, wrote to us with the most unexpected, but amazing, news of his decision to ride his bike 1,650 miles […]

New Partnership with “Girls Build”

We launched a new partnership this spring with a new organization! For six weeks this year, six girls participated in an after-school “Become a Bike Mechanic” camp with an all-female instructor team. Girls Build has an overall focus on teaching girls hands-on skills and letting them know that jobs in the trades are a possibility for them. We […]

Cully Housing Justice Event Tomorrow

As Mychal Tetteh, former CEO, shared in his testimony for Inclusionary Housing just a few months ago, housing and transportation choice are inextricably linked. In the effort support access to opportunity for its community members, our friends and partners in the Cully area have been organizing around renter solidarity. You can join Living Cully and […]

In Support of Inclusionary Housing

Mychal presenting testimony at City Council

This morning, Portland City Council unanimously approved an inclusionary housing program for the city, in order to provide more affordable housing as market rate housing is developed. Community Cycling Center CEO Mychal Tetteh testified in favor of inclusionary housing at last week’s City Council hearing. Many thanks to our partners and friends at OPAL Environmental […]

Scholarship Summer Camps a Success

By Qingyang Xie Intern “What I like the most is that I get to bike around all the time at camp.” This is the most common answer I heard when I asked our campers at scholarship camps what their favorite part of bike camp is. The scholarship camp is a unique opportunity for children from […]

Transportation Justice Alliance (Part 2)

By Katie Steele, Advocacy Intern For many Portland residents, even those who bus and bike to work on daily basis, justice in transportation is likely an abstract concept.  The most obvious example is definitely accessibility to public transportation, but there is also affordable bike travel, safe and accessible pedestrian routes, and environmental safety for all […]

Transportation Justice Alliance (Part 1)

By Katie Steele, Advocacy Intern When jumping into Portland’s transportation advocacy scene, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of faces, acronyms, and agendas.  It’s harder still to tease apart where these organizations lie in relation to one another, from the grassroots to the grasstops and even on to direct legislative involvement.  When you […]

Gentrification is WEIRD! The Ride – Recap and photos

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Over 50 people arrived at the Bike Repair Hub in New Columbia on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Some people stopped by purely because they were curious about the large fleet of bikes glistening in the center of the Bike Skills Park. “I woke up this morning and my […]

Avenues to Advocacy Volunteer Nights

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager We are on the verge of creating an online resource that will amplify and simplify community organizing around active transportation. Our advocacy volunteers do not need tech skills to build the future of Portland’s advocacy network. We are looking for people of all skill levels with a passion […]

A look back at Take Back the Streets – and what’s next

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager “I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that showed up to ride and the support we got from the community as we rode through.” – Jason Washington, Take Back the Streets organizer As we reflect back on the Take Back the Streets bike ride and event in […]

News Release: Take Back the Streets Anti-Violence Movement Rolls Forward

Bike ride and event will address recent shootings August 6, 2014 – Portland, Ore. – In response to the recent shootings in Portland, community activists Jason Washington, of Brothers Gaining Equality Through Excellence, and DeMarcus Preston, a former gang member, decided to gather a group of people for a bike ride to “take back the […]

Reflections from The National Bike Summit

By Mychal Tetteh, CEO The 2014 National Bike Summit held in Washington DC was a chance to join forces with bike advocates from all over the country. It was a mix of capacity building and good old fashioned lobbying with a little bit of fun sprinkled in. This was my first time at the National […]

Who makes up “car-free” households?

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager New Republic reports what we’ve been hearing for a while now, millennials (those born after 1981) are increasingly abandoning cars for bikes, public transit, and car-share opportunities. When you zoom out and look at the nation’s zero-vehicle households as a whole, the picture is a good reminder that […]

An update on Avenues to Advocacy

By Mychal Tetteh, CEO It’s amazing what happens when we ask: why not? When I shared the challenges that active transportation advocates face, it was surprising how common the obstacles were. When and where to show up, who and how to ask, and what to ask for? Digging deeper, we found disparate information sources and […]

ABC and Verde identify barriers to accessing Cully Park

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Last Tuesday, members of Andando en Bicicletas en Cully (ABC), a resident-led bike committee at Hacienda CDC, welcomed new members with a party. The event was equal parts potluck, advocacy, and basic bike maintenance.  ABC connected with leaders from the local, environmental wealth group, Verde, who were interested […]

Avenues to Advocacy – lessons learned from my first 50 days

By Mychal Tetteh, CEO In my first 50 days as the CEO of the Community Cycling Center, I’ve met all types of passionate and dedicated people in our active transportation ecosystem. One common theme has emerged: the infrastructure that we have in place to support active transportation advocates isn’t working as well as it should. […]

Portland is Platinum

Congratulations, Portland! We did it! We are the first large city in the United States to receive the Platinum designation as a Bicycle Friendly Co…