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Neighborhood Leader Craig Fondren Joins Our Team as the Community Programs Manager

Please join us in welcoming Craig Fondren as our new Community Programs Manager. Mr. Fondren has deep roots in Northeast Portland, having spent many years focused on housing and urban development in the area. He worked at the Sabin Community Development Corporation from 1999 – 2013, which is the neighborhood organization working to keep inner […]

Rain or Shine, Chavez Bike Club Rides Strong

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager It was a cloudy Tuesday morning on the second day of spring break. While most students were nestled in their beds, the Cesar Chavez Bike Club crew arrived at 9:30am for their 4th week of Bike Club. Prior to Tuesday, the students learned about the importance of helmets, […]

Spring Bike Club graduates are out in the world! Meet Alex and Fatuma, new grads!

By Ari Kemis, Volunteer Storyteller School is almost out—and so is Bike Club! Middle school students who joined our after-school, bike safety program in the Portland area are nearly finished with the spring six-week program. They are getting ready to teach their friends and family all about bicycles and ride off with their newly earned […]

Bike Club > The Price is Right

By Zoe Piliafas, Director of Programming The halls of Cesar Chavez School were not filled with the typical noises coming from the 400+ student body. Today was a teacher work day. All students had the day off! When I was younger, this meant sleeping in until 11am and waking up just in time for The Price […]

Harvey Scott’s Bike Club meets Velo Cult and ABC

By Theo Roffe, Bike Club Instructor Harvey Scott’s Bike Club has come to an end and our graduates have earned their bikes. Before they went home, we asked them what they learned during their six weeks of Bike Club.  Here are some of their answers: “Learned how to check the bike.” (Ben and Josue) “How […]

13 new riders graduate from Rosa Parks Bike Club

By Theo Roffe, Instructor Rosa Parks Bike Club has come to an end and we’re proud to announce 13 graduates! Each graduate received a certificate, lights (it gets dark early during the school year and our participants want to be as visible as they can be riding home from school in lower light conditions), and […]

Meet Ayzha from Rosa Parks Elementary School’s Bike Club

This month, we’re excited to feature a Bike Club participant from Rosa Parks Elementary School. Rosa Parks is a new partnership for the Community Cycling Center, and we could not be more excited to work with them. The school is located directly across the street from New Columbia’s Bike Repair Hub and Skills Park, allowing […]

Bike Club is back! Meet Nur, a former Bike Club participant

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager This fall, Bike Club is back. This after-school, bike safety education and earn-a-bike program for 9-12 year olds will return to Harvey Scott School next week. We’re also extremely excited to offer our very first Bike Club at Rosa Parks Elementary School this season. Rosa Parks is located […]

Why Bike Club matters

By Stasia Honnold, Instructor When Richard leaned his bike against his fence and hurried into his house, my co-instructor Joseph and I weren’t sure what to think. But before we could even look at each other and shrug, he burst out the front door again carrying his tiny Chihuahua, which he proceeded to give every […]

Building confidence in Bike Club at Harvey Scott Elementary

By Stasia Honnold, Instructor From atop a shiny green Raleigh, Troy smiles nervously. “That was scary,” he says, slowly breaking into a huge grin, “but awesome!” Troy, a 6th grader at Harvey Scott School, has just finished leading our line of Bike Club participants, eleven 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. He has been in charge […]

Down but not out: Bike Club funding cut

By Kim Whitney What Happened In the most recent budget review, the Portland Children’s Levy Allocation Committee members were tasked with cutting $3.7 million from their budget. According to the Children’s Levy staff, “These steep reductions are the result of reduced revenues because of a depressed housing market and compression of city property tax collections […]

What we learned in our Winter Bike Club pilot program

By Kim Whitney, Youth Programs Manager “I fixed and destroyed things, and those don’t go together often” – Alex “I learned how to fix a bike and a flat tire, and more.” – Dillon This year we facilitated our first ever Winter Bike Club. This pilot project, co-taught by Gladys Ruiz and Forrest Scott, along […]

Bike Club – Vernon

The last meeting of the Vernon Bike Club was a happy one. We are so proud of the students and their hard work over the past 12 sessions, and we wer…

Bike Clubs Awarded Grant

The Fred Meyer Family Foundation recently awarded a $7,500 grant to the Community Cycling Center to be used in our Youth Earn-a-Bike program. Our…

Eduard and Alex

When asked what he’s learning in Bike Safety Club, Woodmere Elementary School participant Eduard excitedly begins his list, "Hand signals, stoppin…

Report from the Field

Our spring Bike Safety Clubs are swiftly coming to an end. A very exciting end. This summer there will be approximately 120 new young riders on the…

Bike Safety Clubs in the News

Our spring programming is in full gear, with our signature Bike Safety Club program running at 7 elementary schools in North and Outer SE Portland….