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More than just a bike

When my family immigrated to the United States, my parents were forced to navigate virtually every facet of our new life in America in an unfamiliar language and an unfamiliar place. We were not in Iran anymore, and the chaotic sounds of war were replaced with the urban landscape of Cleveland. This meant, for the […]

New Partnership with “Girls Build”

We launched a new partnership this spring with a new organization! For six weeks this year, six girls participated in an after-school “Become a Bike Mechanic” camp with an all-female instructor team. Girls Build has an overall focus on teaching girls hands-on skills and letting them know that jobs in the trades are a possibility for them. We […]

A Bike Build with AWS Elemental

In fall of 2017, an AWS Elemental team gathered to build bikes for the Cycling Center’s Holiday Bike Drive, an annual event during which more than 400 children receive their first bicycle. Following is a recount from AWS Elemental Community Ambassador Emily Barrett. Could you describe what happened at Elemental’s most recent bike build? Most […]

Join Us for Blazers Bike Night!

UPDATE: Ticket sales have been extended through October 6th, thanks to our friends at the Trail Blazers! The Trail Blazers and the Community Cycling Center are pairing up for a fun night of basketball at this year’s #BlazersBikeNight on October 28th. Please make the night complete by joining us as they take on the Phoenix […]

Beca de Bici 2017: Event Recap

Registration station at Beca de Bici

On May 20th, Andando en Bicicletas en Cully (ABC), Community Cycling Center, Bikes for Humanity, and The Street Trust came together for Beca de Bici 2017, a bicycle giveaway for children in the Cully neighborhood. Patty Otero, our Program Coordinator, shared a recap about the event. How did the bike giveaway come about? Bikes for […]

Cully Housing Justice Event Tomorrow

As Mychal Tetteh, former CEO, shared in his testimony for Inclusionary Housing just a few months ago, housing and transportation choice are inextricably linked. In the effort support access to opportunity for its community members, our friends and partners in the Cully area have been organizing around renter solidarity. You can join Living Cully and […]

We Are a Trail Blazers Community Partner!

Blazer fans on bike at recent Bike to Blazers event.

How about this for some exciting news, shared just in time for Transportation Night? Yesterday, the Portland Trail Blazers announced the team’s five nonprofit community partners for the next two seasons.  The Community Cycling Center is thrilled to be a community partner, along with four other incredible organizations! Mychal Tetteh, our CEO, shared his thoughts […]

Support the Bike Repair Hub – Give Today

This summer, we celebrate the 4th anniversary of the Bike Repair Hub by doubling its open hours and debuting a Build-A-Bike program. Check out our new stop-motion video about the Bike Repair Hub and support our work through our Indiegogo campaign today. About the Bike Repair Hub In 2010, the Community Cycling Center asked neighbors […]

Community Cycling Center Wins National Advocacy Award

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Thank you to the Alliance for Biking & Walking and the League of American Bicyclists for celebrating our work to broaden access to bicycling and its benefits with the “Catalyst Award” at this year’s National Bike Summit in Washington DC. This award honors organizations that “elevate the walking […]

Science on Wheels at Helensview School

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Ever since Jericho was seven years old, he dreamed of one day owning his own bike shop. After his father purchased a Redline bicycle for him, he discovered a newfound freedom and fell in love with riding his bike everywhere. Eventually he embraced the world of BMX after […]

ABC and Cully neighbors test out new wayfinding signage

By Rebecca Fisher, Communications Intern After a push in the Cully community for better navigation aids in the neighborhood, Living Cully entered phase two of new wayfinding signage, including temporary signage that pedestrians and bicyclists tested out this past Saturday. The first phase included six different bike rides and five different walks, organized with the help […]

Outdoor Adventures with NAYA

By Rebecca Fisher, Communications Intern Over the last month, the Community Cycling Center teamed up with NAYA to run a three part elective series for students at NAYA. The elective series was part of a larger series called “Outdoor Adventures” taught by Ben Taylor (pictured below). The three part bike segment consisted of one session […]

What’s next for ABC and bike parking?

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager This September, one of Andando en Bicicletas en Cully’s (ABC) dreams finally came true. Safe bike storage became a reality at Clara Vista Townhomes, an affordable housing building in NE Portland where several members of ABC live. For the first time ever, residents have a safe place to […]

Spokeswomen: Celebrating and improving safe bicycling and walking in Cully

By Heidi Beierle, Volunteer Storyteller Sunday Parkways, July 27th, in Khunamokwst Park. The place teemed with people from young to old in all shapes and sizes. Andando en Bicicletas en Cully (ABC) had the corner on the new park’s southwest corner, featuring their Photovoice Project, which calls for safe streets in Cully. They also offered bike […]

Community Cycling Center launches pilot High School Program

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Earlier this year, the Community Cycling Center launched a pilot program with students from Rosemary Anderson High School (RAHS). RAHS is a community-based alternative high school for students who are not succeeding in the public school setting. RAHS’ efforts are proving successful with a current graduation rate of […]

Highlights from ABC and We All Can Ride’s presentation at OATS

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Translations of ABC Member quotes by Lale Santelices, Collaborations Manager Members of Andando en Bicicletas en Cully (ABC) and We All Can Ride  spoke about their work in north and northeast Portland at this week’s Oregon Active Transportation Summit (OATS) in Portland. Here are a few highlights from […]

ABC identifies barriers to accessing Cully’s newest park

Quotes and translations provided by William Francis and Lale Santelices On Saturday, March 14th, members of Andando en Bicicletas en Cully (ABC) joined Verde for a bike ride to identify barriers to accessing Wellington and Khunamokwst Park. Khunamokwst is the first developed park in the Cully Neighborhood. The Khunamokwst Grand Opening Celebration will take place on Saturday, […]

It’s about transferring knowledge to your kids!

By Lale Santelices, Collaborations Manager Members of the Cully community and the new Líderes Verdes (trained volunteer leaders from Verde), who will join ABC this year, received a bike and safety training at our Earn a Bike workshop. After a meeting I was able to check in with three of the participants about the workshop […]

3 Things you need to know about Cycling for Change

By Kelly Hansen, Program Director Jorge, an 11 year old who frequents the Bike Skills Park at New Columbia, wanted to learn to do a wheelie. He asked me for help. I told him I couldn’t help. One day I showed up and found him covered in dust with skinned elbows riding around on the […]

Dia de los Muertos Ride: A Tour de Tot

By Abby Kraai, Volunteer Storyteller If there were a Tour de France for tiny tots, last Sunday’s Dia de Los Muertos ride would have been it. Kids of all sizes (but mostly small) gathered at Harvey Scott Elementary School on Sunday to sip hot chocolate–delivered on wheels by Icicle Tricycles–and get their drizzly bike ride […]

It’s the first week of Bike Camp! Here’s what the kids have to say…

  It’s the first week of Bike Camp, that time of year where kids of all ages take over the streets of Portland, armed with popsicles, wrenches, new friends, and adventures. We sat down with fellow Bike Campers at New Columbia–many of which are graduates of our Bike Club program–to ask about what they learned […]

ABC works to remove major barrier to bicycling

By Lale Santelices, Program Coordinator The ABC group has been active in the Hacienda Community for over 3 years. Through a photo voice project and a bike census, they identified barriers to biking in their neighborhood. One of these barriers includes the lack of safe and secure bike storage within their apartment communities. The resident led […]

Community service day gives Bike Skills Park fresh look for spring

By Lisa Ratzlaff, Volunteer Storyteller Close to 25 volunteers gathered on March 15th in New Columbia to spruce up the Bike Skills Park.  Volunteers and staff from We All Can Ride, The Community Cycling Center, Village Gardens, Northwest Trail Alliance, and East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (who provided the grant to cover the […]

ABC and Verde identify barriers to accessing Cully Park

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Last Tuesday, members of Andando en Bicicletas en Cully (ABC), a resident-led bike committee at Hacienda CDC, welcomed new members with a party. The event was equal parts potluck, advocacy, and basic bike maintenance.  ABC connected with leaders from the local, environmental wealth group, Verde, who were interested […]

We All Can Fix It

By Cheryl Matushak, Volunteer Storyteller The cold weather may have driven many people inside, but the members of We All Can Ride used it as a chance to learn the nuts and bolts of bike repair. Linda, Doug, Michelle, and Yvette spent the better part of an afternoon – first watching and then doing – […]

Create a Commuter at Hacienda’s Salon Comunal

By Lori Rodriguez, Volunteer A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of volunteering with the Create a Commuter workshop held at Hacienda’s Salon Comunal, or Community Center, in Northeast Portland. For those who aren’t familiar with the program (I wasn’t until I volunteered for it!), Create a Commuter identifies low-income adults in need of […]

13 new riders graduate from Rosa Parks Bike Club

By Theo Roffe, Instructor Rosa Parks Bike Club has come to an end and we’re proud to announce 13 graduates! Each graduate received a certificate, lights (it gets dark early during the school year and our participants want to be as visible as they can be riding home from school in lower light conditions), and […]

How neighbors help sustain bike ridership

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager “I especially enjoyed meeting Neda. She’s from Iraq,” remarked Doug, a We All Can Ride member. “I think it’s marvelous that we can have all of this diversity here. It’s one of the great wonders and joys of living in New Columbia.” Last Friday, four members of We […]

Our newest social venture

By Jonnie Ling, Director of Operations “What’s your favorite program at the Community Cycling Center?” I’m often asked in interviews and conversations alike. Our community collaborations with New Columbia and Hacienda usually take the #1 spot, but I may soon have a new favorite. Late in 2012, I was asked to lead a truly innovative […]

Ride along with Linda on her commute

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager This September, we are celebrating the BTA’s Bike Commute Challenge month by riding along with one of our favorite commuters. Linda Dougherty lives in New Columbia and is a member of the We All Can Ride Bike Committee. I met up with Linda last Friday afternoon to join […]

New Bike Skills Park brings neighbors together

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager The Bike Skills Park at New Columbia is now a popular gathering spot for families, friends, and neighbors, bringing more people and attention to the once vacant lot that resides on the corner of N. Trenton Street and N. Woolsey Avenue. “When I go to the garden, I […]

New Columbia celebrates grand opening of new Bike Skills Park

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Residents of New Columbia and staff from the Community Cycling Center and Home Forward celebrated the grand opening of the new Bike Skills Park with a bike safety fair last week. The new park, located adjacent to the Bike Repair Hub on the corner of N. Trenton Street […]

Breaking ground on New Columbia’s Bike Skills Park

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager This week, we’re putting the finishing touches on New Columbia’s Bike Skills Park, located adjacent to the Bike Repair Hub on the corner of N. Trenton Street and N. Woolsey Avenue. The park, opening in July, will offer a safe riding area for neighbors of all ages. Participants […]

Hacienda and New Columbia residents to lead summer bike rides

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager This spring, bike committee members from Hacienda CDC and New Columbia spent six weeks immersed in a comprehensive ride leader training course taught by Community Cycling Center staff members. They learned everything from rules of the road, to bike safety checks, to communicating with children, and more. The […]

The Metro Grant – what this means for our community partnerships

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager On April 10th, great news arrived at the Community Cycling Center – we received a Metro Regional Transportation Options Grant! This funding gives us the opportunity to continue our collaborative work with our partner agencies in Cully and Portsmouth over the next two years. We will be able […]

Keeping kids safe: protecting the eggheads

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager “Last year, a car hit my grandson as he rode his bike,” Rosie explained. Rosie’s 8-year old grandson wore a helmet and escaped with a few minor bumps and bruises, but this incident made an impression on her. “I hate wearing a helmet. It’s hot and sweaty, and […]

Get to know Lourdes Montes from ABC

  By Peter Weisberg, Volunteer Storyteller On Friday, January 25th, I interviewed Lourdes Montes, a Community Bike Educator from Hacienda’s Andando en Bicicletas en Cully (ABC). I rode out to Cully for the interview with Omar Casillas, the Community Cycling Center’s Community Collaborations Manager. Omar and I met Lourdes at a taqueria across the street […]

New Columbia residents help design a bike skills park

By Omar Casillas, Community Collaborations Manager On Tuesday, January 29th, New Columbia residents gathered to take part in a design workshop for a new bike skills park in their neighborhood. Landscape architects and planners from MIG, Inc. facilitated the event and worked with community members to come up with creative bike skills park designs. Members […]

Get to know Yvette from New Columbia’s We All Can Ride

By Omar Casillas, Community Collaborations Manager Yvette Maranowski joined We All Can Ride, New Columbia’s bike committee, in April of 2012. She is a regular volunteer at the Bike Repair Hub, which opened in October. How did you get involved with We All Can Ride? I got involved because a colleague, one of the two […]

Ready to ride – ABC leaders earn bikes through Create a Commuter

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist On November 30th we conducted our second Create a Commuter workshop in Spanish at Hacienda CDC. Several committee members from Andando en Bicicletas en Cully (ABC) not only earned bikes, but they also led portions of the workshop – a Create a Commuter first. Yeni discussed the importance of […]

ABC leads bike safety workshops for kids in Cully

By Omar Casillas, Community Collaborations Manager Abdullahi stood on a chair and raised a helmet high above his head as the other kids counted down. 5…4…3… Even before the group finished counting, the helmet hit the ground…hard. I had my doubts about whether the egg that Abdullahi and his two buddies had carefully wrapped in […]

Creating connections – bike committees from Hacienda and New Columbia come together

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist Last Tuesday, October 16th, members of Hacienda CDC’s resident-led bike committee, Andando en Bicicletas en Cully (ABC), New Columbia’s We All Can Ride, and staff from Verde and the Community Cycling Center, met to share stories and best practices with regards to bike advocacy in their communities. Even though […]

Opening the Bike Repair Hub

By Jonnie Ling, Bike Shop General Manager The neighborhood was quiet when we first arrived at the Hub. “The Hub” is what we call the 200 square foot building we constructed at New Columbia to teach basic bike maintenance and safe riding skills. I was there with two fellow staff members, four Community Cycling Center […]

Community Cycling Center launches the New Columbia Bike Repair Hub video

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Haven’t been able to make it to the New Columbia Bike Repair Hub? Sit back and enjoy this video produced by Dan Kaufman of CrankMyChain! Cycle TV. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the people and partnerships involved in transforming a vacant lot in the New […]

A Community Celebrates the New Columbia Bike Repair Hub

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager In just 10 quick days, students from Oregon College of Art & Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art transformed a vacant lot into a beautiful bike repair space at New Columbia. Made possible with support from Bikes Belong, the Coon Family Foundation, the Portland Development Commission, the […]

Meet Ihe

Every Saturday, Ihe gets out his helmet, gets on his bike, and joins up with his neighbors to go on a group ride. The grassroots bicycle group at New Columbia, “We All Can Ride”, has been teaching Ihe bike safety and the joy of riding. Through the Saturday rides, Ihe has taken on a leadership […]

Meet Michelle, a We All Can Ride superstar

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist Michelle Hanna is a great example of what can happen when you make biking accessible to everyone. A few years ago she earned a bike through our Create a Commuter program, and has since become very involved with We All Can Ride, a resident-led bike committee at New Columbia. […]

Save the Date: Celebrate the Bike Repair Hub grand opening at New Columbia!

We are so excited to transform a vacant lot into a beautiful Bicycle Repair Hub in the New Columbia neighborhood. Please join us on September 5th to celebrate this inspired project. What: Ribbon-cutting celebration + tour the Bike Repair Hub When: September 5th, 2012, 5:30pm – 7:00pm. Tours begin at 5:30, ribbon-cutting, cake, and celebration […]

It takes a community to build a Bike Hub

My family moved to Portland from Togo. Moving to a new environment isn’t easy. But the magic gift of a new bike helped me to get out and explore. I received my first bike through the Community Cycling Center’s Holiday Bike Drive. Rolling through the neighborhood and exploring Portland gave me such joy. In 2010, […]

Press Release: Community Cycling Center to Build a Bicycle Repair Hub in North Portland Neighborhood

Community Cycling Center to Build a Bicycle Repair Hub in North Portland Neighborhood The new facility will be built in August in an effort to eliminate barriers to bicycling often experienced by Portland’s communities of color and low-income neighborhoods. August 1, 2012 – Portland, Ore. – The Community Cycling Center announced today it is forging […]

Why I Ride: No More Car Payment, Far More Fun

By Omar Martinez This article is re-posted with full permission from the League of American Bicyclists. I’ve been interested in cycling all of my life, since I was a kid. But growing up and in college, cycling was about racing. Living in Arkansas, riding to work wasn’t a safe or comfortable option. It wasn’t until […]

Hacienda’s PhotoVoice project strengthens bicycle advocacy and active living in NE Portland

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager In January of 2010, residents of Hacienda CDC participated in a PhotoVoice project by taking over 150 images that documented barriers to active living for children and families living in their affordable housing community. PhotoVoice is a powerful advocacy tool that brings to life the voices and concerns […]

New Columbia takes center stage on PBS

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Our partners at New Columbia—a revitalized community situated on 82 acres of land in North Portland—garnered national attention on Earth Day as they were featured in the Earth: The Operators’ Manual special that aired on PBS. In the video, Egbevado Ananouko, leader of We All Can Ride—a group […]

Press Release: Bike Census and Repair Training Cultivate Community Bike Educators in Cully

Bike Census and Repair Training Cultivate Community Bike Educators in Cully Residents from Hacienda CDC promote bicycling in partnership with the Community Cycling Center March 19, 2012 – Portland, Ore. – Andando en Bicicletas en Cully (ABC) – which translates to “Riding Bikes in Cully” – is a group of residents from Hacienda CDC, an […]

Our response to Monday’s Oregonian article on New Columbia

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager We were deeply saddened to learn of the shooting that occurred on Sunday at a New Columbia pocket park on North Woolsey Avenue. Resident Sergey Dronov was quoted in an Oregonian article as saying, “I don’t think there’s enough attention paid to this part of town.” In some […]