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New Partnership with “Girls Build”

We launched a new partnership this spring with a new organization! For six weeks this year, six girls participated in an after-school “Become a Bike Mechanic” camp with an all-female instructor team. Girls Build has an overall focus on teaching girls hands-on skills and letting them know that jobs in the trades are a possibility for them. We […]

Now launching Women/Trans Bike Maintenance Class!

By Jake Schorr, Program Manager When folks find out where I work, one of the first things they usually say is, “The Community Cycling Center, that place is the coolest!” And they are correct. One of the next things they usually say is, “One of these days I’d really like to learn how to fix […]

Bike Campers Interview TriMet’s Jeff Owen on Tilikum Crossing

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Our Bike Camp Middle Schoolers are very interested in all things Tilikum Crossing, Portland’s newest bridge in 40 years. At more than 1,700 feet in length, the Tilikum Crossing is the only bridge of its kind in the U.S. designed to only carry light rail trains, buses, streetcars, bicyclists, and […]

12 new riders at IRCO

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager On Friday, August 7th, twelve people at IRCO rode home on bikes that were generously donated to the Community Cycling Center and lovingly refurbished by our mechanics and volunteers. But it wasn’t just bikes that they earned. The Earn a Bike participants received new helmets, locks, flat fix […]

A look back at Cycle Oregon Weekend

By Kelley Goodwin, Assistant Bike Camp Manager When I signed on as assistant camp manager, I was excited to find out that I would be in charge of running Cycle Oregon’s Bike Camp.  Since 2011, I have been involved with the camp at Cycle Oregon first as a volunteer, then as an instructor, and now […]

40 spots left in Bike Camp! Give your child a summer adventure

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Bike Camp is just around the corner. For those of you still looking for fun summer adventures for your kids, we still have 40 spots remaining in our Bike Camps this summer. Bike Camp teaches safety, group riding technique, right of way, and basic, hands-on maintenance skills. Yet the […]

Our programs will continue, despite loss of grant funding

Dear Friends of the Community Cycling Center, As you may have heard, we were not awarded funding for the Metro RTO 2015-2017 grant season. For those of you who do not regularly attend Transportation Trivia, Metro RTO stands for Regional Travel Options, a program known for awarding grants that increase mobility around the Portland Metro […]

What’s new at Bike Camp 2015

By Jake Schorr, Bike Camp Manager Can you count to 145 on your tingling, frost-numbed fingers? Because that’s how many days we have until Bike Camp begins! As the season stretches toward spring and summer, we’ll be trading out rain pants for Ray-Bans (or perhaps a more affordable option), winter wear for water bottles, fenders […]

Here are Portland’s 300 new riders after Holiday Bike Drive (PHOTOS)

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Since the Holiday Bike Drive’s inception in 1995, the Community Cycling Center has provided over 10,000 bicycles to children from underserved communities. On Sunday, 300 children became Portland’s newest riders after going home with bicycles, helmets, and safety education at the 19th annual Holiday Bike Drive held at Legacy […]

Bikes for Kids in East County

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager What a weekend! For the first time ever, the Community Cycling Center offered a Bikes for Kids event in East Multnomah County, an area with a significant lack of bicycling resources. Last Saturday, 94 children went home with bicycles, helmets, safety education, and family resources at the new […]

#TBT: Brian Lacy on the Yellow Bike Program

  Recently, Lost Oregon dug up some fun video archives about the Yellow Bike Program. We sat down with Brian Lacy, our founder, to chat about the Community Cycling Center’s involvement with the program. Although the Cycling Center eventually pulled away from the Yellow Bike Program, Brian spoke of the hope and optimism that providing […]

Ben Duncan (of OPAL) on earning a bike through the Community Cycling Center

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Last week, we sat down to chat with Ben Duncan, founding board member of OPAL and the Chief Diversity and Equity Officer at Multnomah County Health. Ben graduated from our Create a Commuter program over a decade ago, and shared with us his thoughts on the importance of […]

It’s the first week of Bike Camp! Here’s what the kids have to say…

  It’s the first week of Bike Camp, that time of year where kids of all ages take over the streets of Portland, armed with popsicles, wrenches, new friends, and adventures. We sat down with fellow Bike Campers at New Columbia–many of which are graduates of our Bike Club program–to ask about what they learned […]

Not too late to sign your kid up for Bike Camp adventures!

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager It’s not too late to sign your child up for a summer full of adventures on two wheels. We still have openings in the following Bike Camps: At Community Cycling Center: Advanced Cruisers Grades 4-5: July 7-11 Girls Cruisers Grades 4-5: July 14-18 Cruisers Grades 4-5: August 11-15 […]

Spring Bike Club graduates are out in the world! Meet Alex and Fatuma, new grads!

By Ari Kemis, Volunteer Storyteller School is almost out—and so is Bike Club! Middle school students who joined our after-school, bike safety program in the Portland area are nearly finished with the spring six-week program. They are getting ready to teach their friends and family all about bicycles and ride off with their newly earned […]

Bike Club > The Price is Right

By Zoe Piliafas, Director of Programming The halls of Cesar Chavez School were not filled with the typical noises coming from the 400+ student body. Today was a teacher work day. All students had the day off! When I was younger, this meant sleeping in until 11am and waking up just in time for The Price […]

How a bike saves Maria money and helps her connect with her community

By Heidi Beierle, Volunteer Storyteller Maria earned her bike on Valentine’s Day earlier this year during a Create a Commuter workshop. In the opening circle of that February workshop, Maria said, “I look forward to riding my bike to save money. I had a bike, but it was stolen.” This April, Community Cycling Center follows […]

Community Cycling Center Launches Bike Camps at Sellwood Cycle Repair

The nonprofit will now offer day camps in NE and SE Portland March 11, 2014 – Portland, Ore. – This summer, the Community Cycling Center will expand their Bike Camp program by offering more camps in two locations: on NE Alberta Street at the Community Cycling Center headquarters, and at a new location on SE […]

Create a Commuter conversation hearts

  By Heidi Beierle, Volunteer Storyteller On Valentine’s Day, five women and five men from Central City Concern earned new commuter bikes equipped with everything they need to ride safely and confidently.  This valentine joy also came with lessons on riding safely, taking bikes on transit, and locking the bike securely.  All ten participants spent […]

3 reasons why Bike Camp 2014 is wheelie special

By Kelly Hansen, Program Manager Our Alberta Street neighbors have heard them cheering, east-siders have seen them exploring their streets, and Portlanders everywhere talk about them: the Community Cycling Centers’ Bike Campers. They are kids at day camp; the city is their campus, and their bikes are their tools for adventure. Every summer, kids flock […]

Create a Commuter at Hacienda’s Salon Comunal

By Lori Rodriguez, Volunteer A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of volunteering with the Create a Commuter workshop held at Hacienda’s Salon Comunal, or Community Center, in Northeast Portland. For those who aren’t familiar with the program (I wasn’t until I volunteered for it!), Create a Commuter identifies low-income adults in need of […]

The sum of sights and experiences: one volunteer’s perspective of the Holiday Bike Drive

By Heidi Beierle, Volunteer Storyteller I volunteer for the kids, the other volunteers, the love of bicycling, and because being at the Holiday Bike Drive feels right and good.  Every year, the Community Cycling Center brings the gift of bicycling to approximately 375 children.  This annual event requires the work of over 500 volunteers, and […]

18th annual Holiday Bike Drive is a success thanks to our volunteers

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Last Sunday, over 375 children and their families convened at Legacy Emanuel’s beautiful and surprisingly sun-filled atrium to earn bicycles, helmets, and safety education. The Holiday Bike Drive is the culmination of a year of work by more than 500 volunteers who dedicate over 5,000 hours to clean […]

Harvey Scott’s Bike Club meets Velo Cult and ABC

By Theo Roffe, Bike Club Instructor Harvey Scott’s Bike Club has come to an end and our graduates have earned their bikes. Before they went home, we asked them what they learned during their six weeks of Bike Club.  Here are some of their answers: “Learned how to check the bike.” (Ben and Josue) “How […]

13 new riders graduate from Rosa Parks Bike Club

By Theo Roffe, Instructor Rosa Parks Bike Club has come to an end and we’re proud to announce 13 graduates! Each graduate received a certificate, lights (it gets dark early during the school year and our participants want to be as visible as they can be riding home from school in lower light conditions), and […]

Meet Ayzha from Rosa Parks Elementary School’s Bike Club

This month, we’re excited to feature a Bike Club participant from Rosa Parks Elementary School. Rosa Parks is a new partnership for the Community Cycling Center, and we could not be more excited to work with them. The school is located directly across the street from New Columbia’s Bike Repair Hub and Skills Park, allowing […]

How neighbors help sustain bike ridership

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager “I especially enjoyed meeting Neda. She’s from Iraq,” remarked Doug, a We All Can Ride member. “I think it’s marvelous that we can have all of this diversity here. It’s one of the great wonders and joys of living in New Columbia.” Last Friday, four members of We […]

Our newest social venture

By Jonnie Ling, Director of Operations “What’s your favorite program at the Community Cycling Center?” I’m often asked in interviews and conversations alike. Our community collaborations with New Columbia and Hacienda usually take the #1 spot, but I may soon have a new favorite. Late in 2012, I was asked to lead a truly innovative […]

Bike Club is back! Meet Nur, a former Bike Club participant

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager This fall, Bike Club is back. This after-school, bike safety education and earn-a-bike program for 9-12 year olds will return to Harvey Scott School next week. We’re also extremely excited to offer our very first Bike Club at Rosa Parks Elementary School this season. Rosa Parks is located […]

Overnight Bike Camp Adventures at Stub Stewart State Park

By Bonnie Harvey, Bike Camp Instructor The week started like all other Bike Camps: practicing rules of the road, turn signals, and mapping day trips around Portland.  This was only the beginning, however, as the overnight Bike Campers were eager to fulfill the “overnight” portion of their name. It was all a matter of training […]

Stories from Mechanics Camp – the instructors tell all (Part 1 of 2)

Theo and Andrea, two Bike Camp Instructors, share with us their experience of teaching Mechanics Camp, a brand new camp we are offering for the first time this year. Part 1: Theo’s story As anyone who has been stuck with a flat tire for the first time will know, it is deeply empowering to learn […]

Wet, Wild Time at Cycle Oregon Weekend Ride 2013

By Mike Conway, Development Manager Steinbeck once wrote, “You don’t take a trip; a trip takes you.” So appropriate is this quote for my first foray into the world of Cycle Oregon Weekend Ride, the premier weekend bicycling adventure. As the new Development Manager for the Community Cycling Center, I was invited to partake in […]

Mount Doom, Columbia Park, derailleurs – oh my! Bike Camp is here

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager Our summer Bike Camps launched last week with 48 campers convening at our bike shop at 9am on Monday morning. On Friday, we caught up with Lucia, daughter of Susana Pacheco, a member of Andando en Bicicletas en Cully at Hacienda. You may remember Lucia, as she is […]

In his own words: Dan on earning a bike

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist On December 12, 2010, Dan earned a bicycle through a Create a Commuter workshop at Central City Concern. Since then he started working at Salvation Army, and became an avid bike commuter. Dan takes a lot of pride in his bike. He bought a trip meter so that he […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Maggie Russell

By Randi Orth, Volunteer & Outreach Manager Maggie is a delight to work with both inside our shop, during community events and in our earn-a-bike workshops. She is a smart, flexible, and fun volunteer, and certainly knows how to have a good time while teaching community members about their bikes. Maggie is a very dedicated […]

In his own words: Juan on earning a Create a Commuter bike

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist On December 12, 2010, Juan earned a bicycle through a Create a Commuter workshop at Central City Concern. Two and a half years later, he is still riding. I met up with Juan and his former employment specialist, Christina, last week to talk about his experience and what it […]

Youth tell us what’s up at the 2013 Youth Bike Summit

By Kelly Hansen, Program Manager A hip hop symphony. A Colombian politician. The Community Cycling Center’s program manager. This is no dream – this is the 2013 Youth Bike Summit. For the third year in a row, New York City’s community based bike shop and bike education leader, Recycle a Bicycle (RAB), hosted the Youth […]

Mobility, safety, and comfort: how one man’s life changed in an instant after earning a bike

By Lale Santelices, Create a Commuter Instructor In February, Rafael participated in our Create a Commuter program in partnership with Easter Seals, a nonprofit organization that provides services, education, outreach, and advocacy so that people living with disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our communities. During the workshop, Rafael and a group of […]

We’re relocating

By  Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager For those that do not know, the Community Cycling Center actually has two locations – our retail bike shop on Alberta Street, and our programs and administrative office, which is currently located at MLK Boulevard. On the weekend of March 2nd, we are relocating our programs and administrative […]

5 reasons to look forward to Bike Camp this summer!

By Kelly Hansen, Program Manager Online Registration for Bike Camp opens February 1st! # 1: New camps In the off season we held several focus groups with both campers and their trusted adults to find out what is working and what we can improve. Based on their feedback, we developed two brand new camps: the […]

Ready to ride – ABC leaders earn bikes through Create a Commuter

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist On November 30th we conducted our second Create a Commuter workshop in Spanish at Hacienda CDC. Several committee members from Andando en Bicicletas en Cully (ABC) not only earned bikes, but they also led portions of the workshop – a Create a Commuter first. Yeni discussed the importance of […]

Stories and photos from the 17th annual Holiday Bike Drive

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist On Sunday, December 9th, 440 children lit up the atrium of Legacy Emanuel Hospital with huge smiles. Before choosing their new bikes, they learned how to be safe on the road, how to safely fit and snap on their new helmets, and many other hands-on lessons designed to make […]

Why Bike Club matters

By Stasia Honnold, Instructor When Richard leaned his bike against his fence and hurried into his house, my co-instructor Joseph and I weren’t sure what to think. But before we could even look at each other and shrug, he burst out the front door again carrying his tiny Chihuahua, which he proceeded to give every […]

You’re invited to the Holiday Bike Drive Sneak Peek

The 17th annual Holiday Bike Drive is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than a party at the bike shop? Join us on Wednesday, December 5th, from 6:30-9pm at our bike shop for the 3rd annual Holiday Bike Drive Sneak Peek. – Enjoy beer, wine, snacks, and music. – Take advantage […]

New commuters hit the streets – Create a Commuter at NAYA

By Joseph Rosevear, Instructor Think about the last time you rode a bicycle. For participants in last week’s Create a Commuter workshop at the Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA), it ranged from “one week ago” to “over ten years.” Five of the participants had not ridden in over seven years. The first group […]

Building confidence in Bike Club at Harvey Scott Elementary

By Stasia Honnold, Instructor From atop a shiny green Raleigh, Troy smiles nervously. “That was scary,” he says, slowly breaking into a huge grin, “but awesome!” Troy, a 6th grader at Harvey Scott School, has just finished leading our line of Bike Club participants, eleven 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. He has been in charge […]

OMSI’s Local Voices, Clever Choices campaign features Community Cycling Center program participants

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager The bilingual exhibit, Clever Together: Our Everyday Choices/Juntos somos ingeniosos: Una decisión a la vez, is OMSI’s latest permanent installment. Clever Together is on display in OMSI’s newly transformed Earth Science Hall for the next roughly eight years. The exhibit encourages visitors to make more sustainable decisions by […]

Fall brings new beginnings at Create a Commuter

By Joseph Rosevear, Instructor On the 1st of October, we partnered with Portland Youth Builders for the first Create a Commuter workshop of the season. It was a fantastic event with ten participants ages 18 – 24. Portland Youth Builders focuses on supporting young men and women who are committed to changing their lives to […]

A season of epic bike adventures

By Lara Sheets, Program Support Specialist This summer, 8 instructors educated 445 youth on rules of the road and basic bike maintenance. They empowered campers, encouraging them to take on new and exciting challenges, like riding out to Rocky Butte and Sauvie Island. As one parent shared: “My eight year old loved Bike Camp. It […]

Advanced Girls Camp meets with Nissy Cobb

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist On August 22nd, the Advanced Girls Bike Camp rode to the track in Fernhill Park to meet with Nissy Cobb, our New Inventory Specialist at the Community Cycling Center. Nissy is also a highly skilled track bike racer. She competes weekly, and trains up to 6 hours a day […]

Young adults empowering youth

By Lara Sheets, Program Support Specialist Every summer, our Bike Camp program works with Self Enhancement, Inc. interns to help lead our youth safely on the road. SEI is a nonprofit organization that helps “at-risk African-American urban youth realize their potential.” This season, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with Kiara Berry who joined […]

A record-breaking fun weekend at Cycle Oregon Kids Camp

By Kim Whitney, Youth Programs Manager This past weekend, we broke records on miles and fun at our fourth annual Kids Camp through the Cycle Oregon Weekend Ride, a family focused off-shoot of Cycle Oregon. This year’s ride took place on the Oregon State University Campus in Corvallis. At Kids Camp, youth ages 5 – […]

Ubong and the bike with red flames – one boy’s Bike Camp adventure

By Lale Santelices, Bike Camp Instructor “After camp, I can’t wait to ride my bike in the real world!”— Ubong This summer, Ubong, an 11 year old boy, earned a bicycle through our Bike Camp at Faubion Elementary School. This was not just any bicycle; Ubong earned a means for independence in the shape of […]

On two wheels – new opportunities for a young adult to explore

By Heidi Beierle, Volunteer Storyteller On April 21, 2012, the Community Cycling Center engaged a group of young adults at Open Meadow in a Create a Commuter  workshop. We followed up with one of those participants nearly two months and many sunny days later to learn how the gift of a bicycle and some cycling […]

Create a Commuter at IRCO reunites with past workshop participant

By Zan Gibbs, Adult Programs Manager On Thursday, June 7th, we offered our third Create a Commuter workshop to the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO). IRCO is the leading refugee organization in Oregon and Southwest Washington, empowering refugees and immigrants to become self-sufficient, long-term contributors to the economic vitality of the community. We had […]

New Cruisers Bike Camp in Cully!

By Kim Whitney, Youth Programs Manager We have some exciting news! We are partnering with Harvey Scott Elementary to expand our camps to the NE Cully Neighborhood for the week of June 18 – 22nd. The Cruisers Camp for 8-11 year olds at Harvey Scott is the same awesome camp that we offer at our […]

Bike Camp is filling up fast, but 57 spots still remaining! Register today!

Looking for fun activities for your kids this summer? There are still plenty of spaces left in our Bike Camp program. Register online today to ensure your child’s spot in one of the best active camps in Portland. Ages 6-8 July 16 – CO10 Coasters: Ages 6-8 – 7 spots available July 30 – CO06 Coasters: […]

Community Cycling Center creates 14 new commuters at POIC

By Zan Gibbs, Adult Program Manager On Thursday, May 10th, we offered our second Create a Commuter workshop to the Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center (POIC).  At POIC, they reconnect alienated, at-risk youth affected by poverty, family instability and homelessness; with high school education and career training. We had 14 excited young adults arrive on a […]

High school student produces inspirational Create a Commuter video

This spring, we worked with Maya Rait, a talented sophomore student at Catlin Gabel, on a Create a Commuter video project. Every year as part of the media curriculum, Catlin Gabel students develop videos for community partners. This year they are creating video pieces for nonprofit organizations where they regularly perform community service to inspire […]

Too sunny for fenders: Create a Commuter at Open Meadow

By Zan Gibbs, Adult Programs Manager On what was probably the best weather day yet for 2012, Saturday, April 21st, we held our 3rd annual Create a Commuter workshop with Open Meadow in North Portland. Eleven excited young adults received KHS bicycles, fully outfitted for all weather commuting! They were SUPER excited about the quality […]

Down but not out: Bike Club funding cut

By Kim Whitney What Happened In the most recent budget review, the Portland Children’s Levy Allocation Committee members were tasked with cutting $3.7 million from their budget. According to the Children’s Levy staff, “These steep reductions are the result of reduced revenues because of a depressed housing market and compression of city property tax collections […]

Timbers kick off Bike Camp scholarships

By Melinda Musser, Communications & Marketing Manager We are excited to announce that the Portland Timbers have awarded us a $5,000 grant to support Bike Camp scholarships this summer! Through the Portland Timbers Community Fund, they award grants to local nonprofits working to foster healthier kids and communities. As grant recipients, we were invited to […]

Q&A with Claire Fitzgerald, Bike Camper and Volunteer

By Kim Whitney, Youth Program Manager For the last two years, Claire Fitzgerald rode with us in our Urban Riders and Advanced Riders bike camps, learning how to ride up and down hills safely, while exploring destinations far beyond NE Portland. When she wasn’t climbing multiple hills in a day with other teens, she spent […]

New paths await Create a Commuter riders

By Derek Burns, Volunteer Storyteller Hope and opportunity met on March 1st when a dozen new cyclists were given bikes as part of the Create a Commuter program. Thanks to a combined effort with S.E. Works’ Portland Partners Re-Entry Initiative – an agency dedicated to helping people successfully re-enter the Portland community after incarceration –  riders […]

What we learned in our Winter Bike Club pilot program

By Kim Whitney, Youth Programs Manager “I fixed and destroyed things, and those don’t go together often” – Alex “I learned how to fix a bike and a flat tire, and more.” – Dillon This year we facilitated our first ever Winter Bike Club. This pilot project, co-taught by Gladys Ruiz and Forrest Scott, along […]

Advanced Cruisers Bike Camp Explores New Terrain

By Lara Sheets, Program Support Specialist Imagine spending your summer riding up hills, exploring new bike lanes and boulevards with a new batch of friends. With Advanced Cruisers, youth from 11-13 years old have the opportunity to tour new terrain while taking on more of a challenge by riding that extra mile in our Advanced […]

Bike Club – Vernon

The last meeting of the Vernon Bike Club was a happy one. We are so proud of the students and their hard work over the past 12 sessions, and we wer…

Get Lit

On Wednesday, September 28th, we kicked off our Get Lit events for the fall with a light event at NE Weidler and N. Williams, where there are sever…

Returning from Cycle Oregon

After daily moves between towns in southwestern Oregon with more than 2,000 riders, we are back in Portland sleeping in our own beds instead of gra…

Create a Commuter season begins

This year, our Create a Commuter program marked ten years of broadening access to bicycling. We’re riding right into the next ten years with a slat…

Scholarship Bike Camps roll through town

If you have ridden around North or Northeast Portland much this summer, there’s a good chance you’ve seen one of our Bike Camps in action. Groups o…

Thanks, ODS!

This summer, ODS Health generously sponsored Bikes for Kids events at New Columbia and the Native American Youth and Family Center. At these two ev…

Get your copy of The Hub!

Our annual community offerings catalog, The Hub, is now available! You can pick up a copy at our shop at 17th and Alberta. If you’re on our mai…

Get Lit goes to Pedalpalooza

On the evening of June 13th, the Get Lit team rolled the fully-loaded outreach vehicle (a Madsen cargo bike donated to us by the Bike Gallery) to t…

Random Acts of Bike Safety

Get Lit is a Community Cycling Center program that practices random acts of safety. We stake out an event or neighborhood at dusk and wait for unsu…

Summer Camp for Adults

Spend this summer getting to know all about your favorite vehicle by taking our popular bike maintenance class.

Our next class with openings run…