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I’m on a wait list for a camp. What happens now?
When a camp session fills up, an option to register for a wait list (at no cost) becomes available. If a spot becomes available due to a cancellation, we will contact you by email to offer the spot to your camper. We will let you know when you need to respond by before the spot is offered to the next person on the wait list. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for us to predict when and where cancellations occur. If another week of camp works with your family’s schedule we recommend registering for a different week, especially when coordinating registrations with friends.
If you would like assistance with finding another week of camp or would like to be removed from a wait list, please email us at

Do shorter camps have a reduced fee?
Yes! Camps which are less than five days have their tuition reduced accordingly.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! We ask for a $100 deposit up front (for each session registered), and two additional automatic payments at the end of the month. Due to our refund policy, the payment plan option is only available until April 10th.

  • Registering by February 7th – $100 deposit and installments on February 28th and March 31st
  • Registering by March 6th – $100 deposit and installments on March 31st and April 30th
  • Registering by April 10th – $100 deposit and installments on April 30th and May 29th

If these payment plans do not work for you, please email us at

How can I apply for a scholarship?
We offer individual scholarships at our camps out the Community Cycling Center shop and Sellwood Cycle Repair. We have a limited number of scholarships ranging from full scholarships to ¼ scholarships that we offer to families that qualify for free or reduced lunch at school.

Can campers attend multiple sessions of Bike Camp throughout the summer?
Yes! Just as Bike Campers love to return year after year, many choose to attend multiple sessions throughout the summer. It’s a great way to hone skills and reinforce knowledge.

My child can’t ride a bike yet. Are they eligible for Bike Camp?
Our camps are designed for kids who already know how to ride a bike. Campers are not required to have strong riding skills (that’s what Bike Camp is here to help with!), but, for the group to be able to ride safely on the road, campers must be able to start and stop unassisted and ride in a straight line.

The most common scenarios that our camp cannot accommodate are when a rider needs a push from an adult to get their pedals going, isn’t able to start and stop their bike consistently, or isn’t able to ride in a line with the group. If your child falls into any of these categories, Bike Camp may not be a good fit for them this year.

Does the Community Cycling Center offer Learn to Ride Classes for my not-yet-ready for camp child to learn how to ride a bike?
Yes! We offer Learn to Ride Classes to get riders ready for camp. The schedule for classes will be released on Tuesday, January 21st.

Can I register my child outside their age group if they are a strong/inexperienced rider or want to be with a friend?
We strongly encourage families to sign their child up for their own grade level. Part of this is based on physical ability. We want to make sure that groups share similar riding levels so that everyone in the group feels challenged but comfortable. Our instructors are great at helping groups find a pace that works for everyone, but this process works better when all campers are in the same grade level.

The other consideration is social. Typically, we’ve found that even when campers are a little on the strong or inexperienced side riding-wise, they tend to form the strongest social connections with their peers. And often it is the friendships and sense of team camaraderie that make the experience so special. For this reason, we advise families to register their children in their grade level even when their riding level might let them keep up in another group.

If you have questions about what group might be best for your child, please get in touch with us!


Getting Ready For Camp

My child’s bike is brand new. Does it still need a Bicycle Safety Check?

Yes, all bikes need to be checked. Some new bikes are not assembled by professional mechanics; and every year we check brand new bikes and find stripped bolts, incorrectly installed handlebars and stems, bearings that are out of adjustment, chains that slip off the cassette, and cables that aren’t tensioned. In order to provide the safest possible environment for our campers, it’s important that every bike gets inspected and fit-checked. We offer this check for free, or you can print out the Bicycle Safety Check Form and take it to the bike shop where you purchased your bike. Please note that other bike shops will have varying policies about the price of a safety check and any repairs made will have its applicable costs (parts and labor).

During Camp

Where can I park?
Due to the large number of kids in our parking area behind the shop during check-in and check-out, we ask that you kindly not drive through that area.

Free street parking is available in the neighborhood around our bike shop, though spaces near the shop can be hard to find. We recommend carpooling, biking, and/or walking to pick up campers when possible, as the car traffic around the shop can be tricky to navigate. Please be respectful of our neighbors when finding parking.

Who can check my child in and out of camp?
On the online registration form, you can list people whom you want to allow to check your child in and out. To add someone to the list during the week, please check in with the camper’s instructors.

Where will my child ride?
It’s up to the group! Part of the wonder of Bike Camp is setting group goals, including where to go. Groups will primarily ride to neighborhood parks. Our instructors pick destinations and safe, efficient routes during the first couple days of camp to gauge the ability level of the group. From there, campers are supported by their instructors in collaborating with each other to make decisions about routes and destinations. On our camp descriptions, you’ll find estimated mileage for each camp.



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