Biking helps our city grow healthier, stronger, and more connected. Not everyone experiences the benefits of bicycling; barriers like cost, safety, and bike storage can prevent people from accessing or using bicycles.

ABC Portland

Andando en Bicicletas y Caminando (ABC)

Misión: el grupo ABC desea unir a la comunidad a través de actividades y eventos para difundir la conciencia sobre los beneficios del ciclismo. ABC trabaja para informar y apoyar a la comunidad en asuntos de la infraestructura y seguridad peatonal y ciclista.

Mission: The ABC Group wishes to unite the community with activities and events to spread awareness about the benefits of cycling. ABC also works to inform and support the community regarding pedestrian and cycling safety, and infrastructure issues.

The ABC Program Coordinator may be contacted at [email protected]


Hacienda and New Columbia

By partnering with Hacienda CDC and New Columbia—affordable housing communities in north and northeast Portland—we’re working to make biking accessible to more people. We work with residents to develop unique, neighborhood-based programming, bike rides, and events that help build healthier communities here in Portland while addressing the barriers to bicycling.

We will continue to invest our efforts to create pathways for community members to get more involved in bicycling, leadership training, and education while building upon the momentum in these two neighborhoods.

STEM Education

In 2015, the Community Cycling Center launched a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Education Bicycle Mechanics program with two local Portland alternative secondary schools: Rosemary Anderson Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center (POIC) and Helensview High School. Both schools focus on job training and credit recovery for low-income youth and students of color experiencing barriers to success in traditional educational environments.

The STEM Education Bicycle Mechanics program is designed to give students an opportunity to advance their STEM learning through hands-on lessons that have applicability in real-world employment settings.


BIKETOWN is Portland’s new bike share, and BIKETOWN for All is the reduced-cost membership plan for Portlanders living with low-incomes. Memberships are $3 a month with no annual contract.  While the Community Cycling Center was instrumental to the start of this program, we are no longer directly involved.  However, the program is going strong and still accepting new BIKETOWN for All members!

Learn more about BIKETOWN for All.

Connect with Us

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Phone: 503.287.8786