Summer specials in the bike shop


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Portland is considered the most bike friendly city in the U.S. but it also ranks in the top ten cities for bike theft. Now is a great time to upgrade from that cable lock that you’ve been “getting by” with. We carry steel-shackled Kryptonite Evolution Locks for sale at the bike shop that will keep your ride safe. Just look for the orange and black locks.


Wish you could carry more with your bike? Come check out our great selection of racks, baskets, and panniers. We offer a wide selection of bike cargo options that will fit any budget. The money you save on car trips around the neighborhood will pay for the cargo upgrades in no time. Bring your bike in to the shop and see what’s possible. We offer many affordable, used racks to help you save money while keeping metal and plastic out of our landfills.

We’re here to help

Remember that when you shop at our neighborhood shop, your purchases help support our community programs. Don’t forget to ask questions; we’re here to share our love of bicycles and make sure that you leave our shop more empowered than when you came in!

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