Volunteer Profile: Lelainya Tollner

Lelainya started volunteering in September 2008, and has been a fixture at Tuesday Drop-In Nights ever since. She wrenched on dozens of bikes for and taught bike safety education at the Holiday Bike Drive and she’s always up for helping with new projects. Lelainya’s enthusiasm, warmth and dedication bring so much to our volunteer community.

Lelainya and JimHow long have you been volunteering at the Community Cycling Center? How did you start? I have been volunteering since September 2008 and started by joining the Tuesday repair night.

Why do you volunteer here? I have always enjoyed volunteering in the community and when I discovered how important the cycling community was to me the Community Cycling Center seemed a natural fit.

What is your favorite program? I really became a part of the Community Cycling Center in 2002 when I was a recipient of a bike in the Create a Commuter program. My two children hope to ride in the Bike Camps this summer (they just started to feel like confident riders), and the Holiday Bike Drive is a personal favorite, it is something our Tuesday night group looks forward to all year.

Any hobbies/passions you’d like to share? My passion is educating, community involvement, creating art, and of course cycling.

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