Top 5 tips for budget-conscious bike commuting

by Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist


21Choosing from our selection of used bikes can help you save a lot of money. Used is generally going to be cheaper than new, and we give you the option of buying bikes refurbished or as-is. As-is bikes are perfect for our customers on a budget, and prices generally range from $50 to $200. As-is bikes are not refurbished, but they have been evaluated by our professional mechanics. Our friendly staff members will explain the repairs that each As-is bicycle will need to get road ready and then you can fix it yourself or leave the bike with us to make the necessary repairs.



All of our winter gear is 20% off right now. That includes rain chaps, booties, helmet covers, winter gloves, balaclavas, beanies, and cycling caps with ear flaps. We sell a great Wigwam hat that, with the discount, is only $9.60. We also sell used gear like bike shoes, bags, reflectors and bike seats. Look for it in the blue bins to the left of the counter or ask one of our friendly mechanics for help.


gLove Orphanage

The gLove Orphanage is something that was started by one of our volunteers, Dave McCabe. He collects orphan gloves and matches them as best he can and we sell them for $1. It’s a very cheap, very awesome way to keep your hands warm. (If you have spare gloves to donate, please bring them to our shop.)




We sell X-TRA DRY fenders, which are cheap and easy to attach yourself. They attach to your bike frame by a simple strap, and they keep mud and water from splattering up your back. The great news? They’re only $16.




Salvage Sundays
Intel Volunteer GroupStop by our shop on a Sunday, anytime between 12pm – 2pm. During these Salvage Sundays, community members in need of bicycle parts or frames can sort through materials that we are unable to utilize, and purchase whatever they need for 50 cents a pound. A sweet deal for our customers on a budget.



Do you have any tricks for budget-conscious bike commuting? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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