We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to choose bicycling regardless of income, education, or background – and this is the motivation behind everything that we do.

Our programs aim to improve individual health and enhance the livability of our communities by helping people gain access to bicycle knowledge, education, leadership training, and more.

Through Bike Camp, Earn a Bike, and our Partner Programs, we are able to break down the barriers to riding a bike and develop unique, community-based programs for more people to enjoy the benefits of bicycling.

Understanding Barriers

Biking helps our city grow healthier, stronger, and more connected. Not everyone experiences the benefits of bicycling; barriers like cost, safety, and bike storage can prevent people from accessing or using bicycles.

We are constantly asking ourselves “Can we do better?” Could we be serving our program participants better? Could we be addressing the needs of our culturally diverse community better?

In 2008, we set out to determine what we could do to improve our programs. We developed the Understanding Barriers to Bicycling Project to assess the needs of the community and understand what people were interested in as it related to bicycling.

We learned that the barriers to bicycling are complex; simply giving people bicycles is not enough. We are now collaborating with our community partners to develop programs that strengthen their communities through bicycling. Together we are working to make the benefits of bicycling accessible to all.

Download the Understanding Barriers to Bicycling Final Report (July 2012)