Germaine Flentroy

Germaine Flentroy

Interests: Learning about bike policy, how other boards function, gathering more experience and setting up a community for more opportunities.

Favorite Album: Juicy – Biggie Smalls

Favorite Thing to do on a bike: Take youth on bike ride in east county

The first thing you look for when coming into the shop: All the different types of bikes

David Kurushima

David Kurushima, Secretary

Board member since May 2018

David Kurushima has been involved with the Community Cycling Center as a volunteer, staff member and now board member since 2006. He moved to Portland in 2008 specifically to work for the Community Cycling Center as a mechanic, and over the years has had a hand in nearly every aspect of the organization. David has always been most excited about the Community Cycling Center’s ability to lower the most basic barriers to active transportation and recreation by creating welcoming spaces and communities where people can access affordable equipment, services and knowledge.

David has a B.A. in History and Art History from the University of Oregon and a Masters in Branding from the School of Visual Arts.

Favorite Book(s) You’ve Recently Read: The Sum of Us by Heather McGhee. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

Favorite Album: Dead Kennedys – Bedtime for Democracy. Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid, M.A.A.D City

Favorite Thing to do on a bike: Mountain Biking

Favorite thing to do when not working or on a bike: Surf, play ultimate

Favorite Movie: Babel (2006)

Favorite Place to Eat on Alberta St: Don Panchos, Halo Thai, Bollywood Theater

The first thing you look for when coming into the shop: At the moment it’s a 29er hardtail


Johnny Burrell

Johnny Burrell

Board member since March 2018

Johnny Burrell is an Oregon native and Finance Director at Nike, where he has worked since 1999. He started volunteering at the CCC for the Holiday Bike Drive and has been on the Finance Committee since 2019. He has been active in the cycling community since 2008 and can frequently be seen riding to/from work between NE and Beaverton. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Southern Oregon in Computers and Information Systems. Johnny lives with his wife and two kids in the Alberta neighborhood near the CCC bike shop. For fun, he enjoys volunteering, camping, fishing and mountain biking with his friends and kids.

Favorite Album: Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Favorite Thing to do on a bike: Mountain bike or just get around town or ride to work or go get food or meet a friend…

Favorite thing to do when not working or on a bike: Anything exercise related, running, biking, swimming or relaxing and playing cards

Favorite Movie: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Favorite Place to Eat on Alberta St: Bollywood Theater (the paneer Kati Roll, more specifically)

The first thing you look for when coming into the shop: Cool old parts that may work for something I don’t know I need yet.

The bike are you most likely to ride to the shop: Breadwinner B road


Steven Soto

Steven Soto

Board Chair – Board member since 2019

Steven is a Senior Supply Chain Manager at Lam Research. Lam Research has been a supporter of the Community Cycling Center for several years and supports a strong culture of community involvement. Steven has been volunteering at Tuesday night volunteer nights and the Holiday Bike Drive since 2013, usually with his son Luke. Steven earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University. After moving his family to Portland from the San Francisco Bay area in 2007, he rekindled his childhood enthusiasm for the bicycle and its benefits.

Favorite Book(s) You’ve Recently Read: Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Favorite Album: Tones by Eric Johnson

Favorite Thing to do on a bike: Get muddy on a cyclocross course

Favorite thing to do when not working or on a bike: Listen to music

Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Place to Eat on Alberta St: Pa Ella

The first thing you look for when coming into the shop: My favorite saddle in the used saddle bin


Lale Santelices

Lale Santelices

Board member since 2021

Born of reptilian DNA and a mysterious ooze, Lale hails from the sewers of a nondescript major metropolitan area. They attended Master Splinter’s Dojo and graduated with high honors in both karate chops and bicycle kicks. Their dexterity and stamina are classified as super-human though Lale’s energy projection has yet to be effectively measured across all known dimensions. Lale possesses a radical ‘tude and is always down to kick some unrighteous butt.

This bio is so spot on that I can not change a word…but I will add that the cycling center was my first job moving to Portland AND my second job after graduating college AND it is also my favourite job thus far.

Favorite Book(s) You’ve Recently Read: The secret lives of church ladies

Favorite Album: right now I am listening to music from Mara Advertencia Lyrika

Favorite Thing to do on a bike: Get to work! Or ride to get a fun snack

Favorite thing to do when not working or on a bike: Eat! I love food! I like thinking about food, shopping for food, making food and eating food.

Favorite Movie: a movie by a french comedian who in the movie is a fairy. The movie might be called The Fairy.

Favorite Place to Eat on Alberta St: Tacos at el nutri taco

The first thing you look for when coming into the shop: See if I see anyone that I know to say Hi…

The bike are you most likely to ride to the shop: Depends on the day, but the bike that gave the most grief to my spouse has been my blue tandem.

G Cruz

G Cruz

Board member since 2018

A 30-something queer HR Professional working in Portland, Oregon, G grew up in sunny California working in their dad’s barber shop. They learned a lot about work ethic and a fair amount about human behavior. This also means that G never leaves streaks when cleaning mirrors and can spot a good fade from 100ft out.

Their career has been typical of many in the HR field, with experience in organizations of different sizes, different industries, and differing core values. G is passionate about improving the employee experience and connecting humans to resources that spark resilience and positive outcomes.

Favorite Book(s) You’ve Recently Read: Inventing Latinos by Laura E. Gomez

Favorite Album: CTRL by SZA

Favorite Thing to do on a bike: Late night summer time rides through Portland neighborhoods

Favorite thing to do when not working or on a bike: Cook, hike, or any outdoor fitness

Favorite Movie: The Birdcage

Favorite Place to Eat on Alberta St: The Bye and Bye

What’s the first thing you look for when coming into the shop: I like to check out the bikes for sale

What bike are you most likely to ride to the shop: Bianchi Volpe D2

Amanda Judkins 

Board member since May 2022

Interests: As a mother of identical twin boys, Amanda is always on the move, navigating parenting in a pandemic and trying to stay involved with the active transportation advocacy community. After moving to Portland for college in 2008, Amanda started working as a student bike mechanic at the PSU Bike Hub and racing with the PSU road racing team. After graduating from PSU, Amanda worked as a mechanic at Gladys Bikes, the Membership Manager at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and a volunteer for the Community Cycling Center. Her love for cycling continued to grow as she became the Major Gifts Officer at the BTA (now The Street Trust), eventually moving on as an MGO at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) – but don’t worry, still biking to work daily even throughout her twin pregnancy (36 weeks!). With no job to go back to after maternity leave thanks to the pandemic, Amanda started looking for a way to give back and get more involved as a full-time stay-at-home parent. The CCC is a perfect place for Amanda to help out and support the mission of this wonderful organization.

Favorite Book(s) You’ve Recently Read: Nanette’s Baguette by Mo Willems, The Storyteller by Dave Grohl, Skeleton Crew by Stephen King

Favorite Album(s):  Siamese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins, Run the Jewels 3 by RTJ, Deep by Peter Murphy (how does anyone answer this question with only one album??)

Favorite Thing to do on a bike: Biking with my boys to the farmers market or NoPo library

Favorite thing to do when not working or on a bike: Running, hiking, napping 

Favorite Podcast: All Fantasy Everything & My Favorite Murder

Favorite Place to Eat on Alberta St: Banh Mi Up

What’s the first thing you look for when coming into the shop: Friends! 

What bike are you most likely to ride to the shop: Harry Vs. Larry Bullitt cargo bike, probably full of my children

Max Beyelia


Max was born and raised in Fresno, California and has been in Portland since 2014. While in Portland, he’s been lucky enough to work with Biketown and Oregon Tradeswomen and is now currently in recruitment and employee relations at Oregon Food Bank. Max’s professional experience has been in logistics, management, employee advocacy and partnership building. He has a deep commitment to equity, advocacy and inclusion, especially when he can apply those ideologies to cycling.

Favorite Book(s) You’ve Recently Read: Crying in H Mart & Stone Butch Blues

Favorite Album: Hunky Dory – David Bowie

Favorite Thing to do on a bike: Taking a ride a to get a sandwich at Taste Tickler

Favorite thing to do when not working or on a bike: Cooking for friends or climbing with friends

Favorite Movie:  The Big Lebowski

Favorite Place to Eat on Alberta St: Chicken and jojos from Alberta Market

The first thing you look for when coming into the shop: A friend! 2nd thing I look for is the used bikes for sale.

Jim Peters


Jim gained a passion for cycling during his childhood and it has remained an integral part of his life ever since. Alongside his dedication to family, fitness, helping others, and cultivating curiosity, he has embarked on numerous bike tours across Oregon and Washington with his wife and two boys. Sharing the joy of bicycling with others is a particular delight for Jim, as evidenced by his volunteer work at the Holiday Bike Drive, his contributions to bikeway design in Portland and the Northwest, and his service as a board member of the former Institute of Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation at Portland State University.

Professionally, Jim established a distinguished track record as a transportation engineer and planner, assuming roles as a team leader, chief business development officer, member of the executive leadership team, board member, and chairman of the board at a prominent consulting firm in Portland. His influence on the city’s transportation landscape is evident; from the implementation of variable speed systems on Oregon highways to facilitating seamless interaction between light rail, buses, bikes, and pedestrians at traffic signals, to his involvement in designing bikeways such as the east side connection to the Tilikum Bridge. As the current President and Founder of Traffic Jim, LLC, Jim aspires to be a compassionate leader, continuously striving to make positive impacts within the community, and contributing to designing human-centered cities that enable walking and biking.

Adding a touch of fun, Jim and his wife Lisa share an affection for dogs and have established the Lucky Dog Library in SE Portland as a tribute to their beloved rescue dog Lucky. Jim designed and created this unique library, while Lisa, as the creative director, curates dog-themed jokes and poems, maintains the stick and ball library for dogs, oversees a collection of dog-themed children’s books, and even created a tiny dog park for kids to enjoy. The Lucky Dog Library is part of the PDX Sidewalk Joy Map, which showcases sidewalk galleries, exchanges, and displays around Portland.


Brittany Morris


Brittany loves all of the possibilities bikes offer both individuals and communites. She rides bikes because they are healing, it connects her to others, allows her to explore the world, and serves as a reminder that life is supposed to be fun. She believes that when access to bikes increases, community health, economic prosperity and joy skyrocket. Anyone can ride a bike (especially now with the continued evolution of adaptive bikes), and it is our job to reduce the barriers that prevent people from tapping into this transformational tool. 

When not riding her bike or creating routes, she learns how to cook Indonesian dishes, tries to remember to stretch, finds silly ways to be with friends and makes her way through a stack of books that glare at her from her home office desk.

Professionally, she has been in the development field for the last 9 years raising funds for Portland-based organizations, and is currently working for The Street Trust. She returns to the Community Cycling Center after being their Development Director because she firmly believes the work this organization offers the community is effective, essential and nourishing to Portland’s vitality. 

Being the big dreamer that she is, she is currently planning a 2025 international bike tour that will somehow connect Greece to Indonesia. Upon completion, returning to volunteer for the Community Cycling Center will be one of her first stops.

Favorite Book(s) You’ve Recently Read: Feedbing Ghosts by Tessa Hulls

Favorite Album: This is an impossible question so I’d say it’s a playlist including Tyler the Creator, Philip Glass, The Spits, Charlotte Adigery, Kim Jung Mi and Hop Along. 

Favorite Thing to do on a bike: Bikepacking! Or shoot hoops while riding a bike. I somehow can’t score while playing basketball unless I’m riding a bike. 

Favorite thing to do when not working or on a bike: Whale watching on the Oregon coast.

Favorite Movie: It’s a tie between Dumb and Dumber and Dancer in the Dark. Wow. I know. 

Favorite Place to Eat on Alberta St: Tiki Tea because I’m a sucker for Boba.

The first thing you look for when coming into the shop: Most likely tubes, ha! I like to stock up on the essentials. I also love seeing the rain gear they sell because it has surpassed all other rain gear I’ve bought from other stores in terms of visibility and waterproofness. Beyond items, I also love saying hi to new and familiar faces. The staff are all so passionate and even if we are different from one another, we at least have the love of bikes in common. 

The bike you are most likely to ride to the shop: My Raleigh Lorry steel frame bucket bike. It is the ultimate utility clown bike that can hold all of the things even when I surpass the rack’s supposed weight limit. I use this for grocery shopping, commuting, picnics, and even turn it into a cooler on group rides by filling it up with ice and sparkling waters to hand out to friends. I rode it in last year’s Trophy Cup race and it came out unscathed despite crashing 3 times. This bike rules!

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