Below is information about our all-season Cycling Center staff.

Matt Aranez, Volunteer & Intern Coordinator
Matt came to the Community Cycling Center in May of 2018 as the Volunteer and Intern Coordinator. He most recently lived in Salt Lake City where he coordinated a mentor program for refugee youth and climbed as much as possible. When he is not working you can find Matt fiddling with fountain pens, hiking, climbing, reading, playing board games, or bumbling around town on his bike.


Arlyn Bement, Production Manager
As the New Inventory Coordinator, Arlyn is responsible for ordering all retail, new bicycle parts, tools, and gadgets and helps make our customer’s bicycles look exceptional. He loves working here because “the job isn’t about selling bicycles, it’s about making sure everyone has access to bicycles.  It’s not about moving product, it’s about trying to give every part a chance to be used again.” Before joining the Community Cycling Center in 2015, Arlyn worked at several bike shops, including Velotech and Universal Cycles in Portland and Capitol Hill Bikes in Washington DC. Outside of work, Arlyn enjoys bike polo, going for bike rides with his wife, trying to keep up with his dog while on a bike, and anything that keeps him from stripping paint and sanding woodwork in his house.

Jody Brassfield, Director of Finance and Administration
bio and picture coming soon


Nissy Cobb, Retail Manager

Nissy has traveled the world over for the better part of two decades–solidifying a reputation as a track sprinting power house and the combination of raw grit, determination, and fearlessness has earned Nissy more top five finishes at national championships than you can count on both hands. Their passion for the sport and the community it provides is limitless.

As a Jr. racer Nissy was eventually introduced to the Community Cycling Center and after spending a week volunteering with them at Cycle Oregon, Nissy was convinced this was the best shop in Portland. In 2008 they were hired on as a Retail Specialist. From 2008-2013 they moved from Retail Specialist to Inventory Specialist and later the Inventory Coordinator. After being away for 4 years, Nissy is back and stoked on spokes to again be a part of broadening access to cycling to the communities throughout Portland and beyond!

Cameron Duff profile photo

Cameron Duff, Bicycle Mechanic
Cameron was hired on to The Community Cycling Center in the beginning of 2018 as a mechanic. Portland native Cam comes from a background of coaching kids soccer, wrenching at Metropolis Cycle Repair, and delivering sandwiches in the pouring rain. When he’s not making every bike that comes into his stand sparkle and shine, he likes racing anything with two wheels and pedals. You might also find him walking the tiniest pup around the park or screaming from the Timbers Army.

Kristie Focht profile photo

Kristie Focht, Bookkeeper
Kristie’s prior experience includes 20 years with Eagle Creek Travel Gear in both Finance and IT. She is also the Volunteer Treasurer with Tryon Creek Watershed Council, and a member of the Admin Committee for Urban Nature Partners PDX, both local nonprofit agencies committed to environment and youth, respectively.

William Francis profile photo

William Francis, César Chávez SRTS Coordinator
William joins the team as a Safe Routes to School Coordinator for César Chávez School where he encourages and collaborates within the Portsmouth neighborhood towards active transportation for youth K-8. William has been involved with the Community Cycling Center for the past five years as a volunteer with Andando en Bicicletas en Cully (ABC), the Create-a-Commuter program, and at the Holiday Bike Drive. He’s also been a Bike Camp Instructor, and collaborated with ABC to deliver Bike Safety Education at Rigler and Harvey Scott Schools as part of his work with The Street Trust. William loves playing, watching, and talking basketball; backpacking; cooking (and eating!); and reading. He likes riding his bike all over the city, especially along N. Willamette Blvd for the views of downtown and Forest Park.


Riley Gabriel, Bicycle Mechanic
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Kelley Goodwin, Bike Camp Manager
Kelley joined the Community Cycling Center in 2011 as a volunteer camp instructor and fell in love with the bike camp program. Since then, she’s been involved with Holiday Bike Drives, Create a Commuter workshops, and finally as a paid Bike Camp instructor in 2014. She returns this time as an Assistant Camp Manager to help run the Bike Camp program. Kelley enjoys sharing her enthusiasm about bikes with the kids by taking them up Mt Tabor, across the Columbia to Fort Vancouver, and through the unimproved roadways of North Portland. Outside of work, she likes to run, make noodles from scratch, go backpacking, and bike tour all over the Pacific Northwest.

Alex Haile, Bicycle Mechanic

Through some series of random variables Alex won a bike when he was 8 in a raffle that his mom made him go to. Way to go mom. After splitting ways for a few years another bike met Alex at his friend’s dad’s house. His friend’s dad said he hadn’t ridden it in years, and that Alex could have it if he promised to ride it. Sweet deal Mr. F. From here on out this bike and Alex decided to make some money while hanging out together and they went at this for years. Before you knew it there were more bikes in the family, a few met their end, but they kept getting faster together. During this time Alex found out that he needed to take care of his steeds, and in this, there was huge growth in the already present love of fixing, building and modifying things. This continues now at the Community Cycling Center, and Alex and his bikes are pretty happy about it.

Travis Hackett profile photo

Travis Hackett, Bicycle Mechanic
(They/Them; He/Him; She/Her)
As the new retail specialist/mechanic, Travis is excited to work with an organization that isn’t trying to maintain the status quo, but to grow and evolve with the community it serves. Travis’s passions for bicycles, travel, and meeting new people led him on a bike tour across North America, during which he honed his skills volunteering at bike collectives like Yellow Bike in Texas, Free Cycles Missoula, the Fort Collins Bike Co-Op, Recyclistas in B.C., and other non-profits along the way. Since arriving in Portland, Travis has been a core volunteer at Bike Farm, has worked a few gigs as a traveling mechanic with Sprocketfly, and spent a summer as a seasonal worker at Citybikes Workers’ Cooperative Repair Shop. Outside of work, you might catch Travis riding around town, riding out of town, camping, riding back into town, riding really far away from town, playing some pool at the local tavern, riding in circles, riding upstairs, and maybe, if we’re lucky, you’ll catch him singing and dancing!

William Joseph, Bicycle Mechanic
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Gwen, General Manager (Shop)
Gwen joined the Community Cycling Center as a Mechanic in November of 2012, bringing with her a wealth of experience. Her favorite thing about working here is “knowing that every time I help a customer with their bicycle, I’m also raising money to fund our amazing programs.” Outside of work, Gwen spends most of her time training, walking or playing with her two rescued terrier mixes. Adopt Don’t Shop!


Cole Lalomia, Bicycle Mechanic
Drawn by the moss and big trees, Cole found Portland to be home after moving from New Jersey. While studying Community Development at Portland State University he spent time working as a student mechanic and instructor at the PSU Bike Hub and leading the PSU Cycling Team. Cole rides bikes mostly because he hates walking. He is also pretty serious about not being too serious while racing bikes at a serious level of competition. He sees bikes as being the most convenient, quickest, and downright best way to get around and hopes that by making cycling more accessible he can share this view with everyone.

Jonnie Ling, Director of Programs and Enterprise
Jonnie Ling started as a seasonal mechanic in 2008 and is now our Director of Programs and Enterprise. In that role, he oversees the people who manage our shop, our camps, and our community programs.  He previously worked at several different bike shops, and was a founding member of the Third Hand Bicycle Cooperative in Columbus, OH. Outside of work, he makes furniture and micro architecture. The furthest he’s ever ridden his bike is from here to San Francisco in a mere nine days.

Miché Lozano, ABC Program Coordinator
(They/Them; He/Him)

Miché joined the Community Cycling Center in November, 2018. They started volunteering with CCC back in 2017 on Tuesday nights, building bikes for the Holiday Bike Drive. They come to us as an ambassador for the national organization Latino Outdoors. As the ABC (Andando en bicicletas y caminando) program coordinator, they work with the Latinx community to broaden access to cycling and its’ benefits. Miché loves commuting on their bike and aims to be an all-weather cyclist. They earned a Bachelor’s in “Environmental Science and Resource Management” at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. Currently they spend a lot of time volunteering as a community organizer and studying at a computer programming school.
¡Se habla español!

Ian Marsh, Bicycle Mechanic
Ian started working on bicycles when he was 15 at a high school internship at a similar organization to the Community Cycling Center called Recycle-a-Bicycle in Brooklyn, New York. After hanging around the shop for a few years they gave him a job and he worked there on and off for 10 years until moving to Portland and joining CCC. He enjoys working on older bicycles for a good cause so working at CCC is a great fit for him. In his free time he obsessively reads the news, enjoys bicycle touring, going to the movies and swimming as much as possible.

Maddeline McGraw profile photo

Maddeline McGraw, Assistant Bike Camp Manager
After studying Recreation at the University of Georgia and spending a couple years as a local bicycle mechanic, Maddeline joined the Community Cycling Center in February 2018 as our Assistant Camp Manager. She helps create and manage the magic behind our summer bike camp program and provides support for our camp staff. Sometimes you may see her in and around the shop as well!

She joined the Cycling Center because she wanted to create an empowering growth experience for youth by connecting them with bicycles. As a former Girl Scout, the lasting impact of camp is close to her heart, and she would love to be a part of increasing the accessibility of camp experiences to diverse and underserved populations. When not at the Cycling Center, you will find Maddeline deep in her garden or buried in a sci-fi book. If you’re interested in joining her on a ride, her favorite is all the way to the end of Sauvie Island, where she might commandeer a corn cob or two, or up on some sketchy mountain bike trail somewhere deep in the sticks. Will trade fresh veggies for hugs…

Tyler Pell, New Inventory Coordinator
Tyler joined the Community Cycling Center as a Retail Specialist in 2015. His favorite parts of working in the shop include but are not limited to: a well-stocked retail area, the generosity of the Community Cycling Center’s many donors, and Carl Wilson. Before he joined our team, Tyler managed the produce department at a natural foods store in Southern Oregon. Outside of work, Tyler enjoys playing ping pong and run-on sentences. His favorite bike ride is one that ends without raindrops on his glasses, though in the summer his ideal bike ride includes a quick stop at the river for a swim — which is kind of funny.

Natania “Natty” Pillias, SRTS Coordinator 
Natty joined the Cycling Center team in February 2018. As Safe Routes to School Coordinator, she coordinates inspiring bike clubs in North Portland, specifically at Rosa Parks Elementary. She is excited to create healthy living options and to inspire groups in the New Columbia neighborhood to get on a bike or get back on one. Natty brings her experience working in communities towards building new mindsets for struggling mothers and/or single parents. She is here to bridge our communities together gear by gear, to shift thinking, and to tune everyone into new opportunities through riding. When not working at the Cycling Center, Natty can be found riding with her child, Nevaeh, and their puppy, Dexter. She also loves just sitting in her neighborhood and watching everything in action; it feels great to just be a part of a community that stays very active and in which everyone knows each other. She identifies as obsessed with adventures and survival and foraging foods we can grow locally or find right in our own backyards. Natty loves to eat.


Leigh Ryan, Bicycle Mechanic
Leigh started working on bicycles at a small commuter shop in Boston.  One of his first tasks was pulling old bikes from a pile in the basement and fixing em up to sell.  He’s been working on old bikes ever since.  He’s got a soft spot for old 3 speeds and steel touring bikes.  Sometimes he also likes to fix up vintage motorcycles and ride them in big pointless circles just to see what he sees.

Dan Shaw, Used Inventory Coordinator
Dan began at the CCC in January 2019 as the Used Inventory Coordinator. Before Islabikes closed at the end of 2018 Dan worked there to make the best children’s bikes around. He relishes the chance to help get more people riding and enjoys the chance to offer reasonably-priced used parts to our customers. Aside from time spent atop or working on bikes, Dan plays Ultimate Frisbee, loses at complicated board games, tries to pet cats, and drinks coffee.

Yashar Vasef profile photo

Yashar Vasef, Senior Development Manager
Yashar biked to his interview with the Community Cycling Center in the midst of June. He was a sweaty mess. He has no regrets. A young Yashar and his brother first found the usefulness of the bicycle by discovering the local comic book shop. In the years since, Yashar has used the bicycle to attend classes at the University of Iowa and to get to work at organizations such as the United Nations Association of Iowa, United for Iran, and Portland Story Theater. He strongly believes in the bike as a pathway toward a healthier, more environmentally friendly, and accessible Portland.

Carl Wilson, Bicycle Mechanic, Salvage Sunday
Carl Wilson has a very long history with the Community Cycling Center, having worked as a mechanic here since 2003. He does all kinds of mechanic work, like refurbishing bicycles for sale, booking repairs, and taking in donations, and he does a fantastic job at it. He enjoys getting paid to do what he loves – fixing bikes. Prior to joining our team, he worked in construction, telemarketing, and landscaping. Outside of work, he enjoys building bikes, fixing clocks, and watching movies. His favorite ride in Portland is Zoobomb, because it is fast, fun, and goes through beautiful Forest Park.



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