Learn more about the people that help make this place special!


Alec Ballweg, Programs Specialist
Alec spent the summer of 2021 teaching kids how to ride bikes and, from there, they were hooked. They joined CCC as a Bike Club Instructor in October of 2021 and have been lending their teaching and cycling skills to our Youth Programs team ever since. They are a passionate advocate for empowering youth to explore their community and get out on two wheels. They absolutely love connecting with their community through cycling.
Born and raised on the (sometimes) frozen lakes of Madison, Wisconsin, they moved to Portland to pursue their degree in English at Lewis & Clark College and fell in love with the (almost) never frozen rivers of the PNW. When not riding bikes for work, you can find them climbing rocks, writing stories, baking bread, watching too much hockey, or riding their bike for fun.


Nissy Cobb, Community Programs Manager

Nissy has traveled the world over for the better part of two decades–solidifying a reputation as a track sprinting power house and the combination of raw grit, determination, and fearlessness has earned Nissy more top five finishes at national championships than you can count on both hands. Their passion for the sport and the community it provides is limitless.

As a Jr. racer Nissy was eventually introduced to the Community Cycling Center and after spending a week volunteering with them at Cycle Oregon, Nissy was convinced this was the best shop in Portland. In 2008 they were hired on as a Retail Specialist. From 2008-2013 they moved from Retail Specialist to Inventory Specialist and later the Inventory Coordinator. After being away for 4 years, Nissy is back and stoked on spokes to again be a part of broadening access to cycling to the communities throughout Portland and beyond!
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Nina Filipyeva, Mechanic

Nina started working on bikes at the Bike Repair Hub in North Columbia when she was about 12. She loved doing it, and visiting the hub became a regular summer activity for a few years. At 16, she started interning at the bike shop to expand her knowledge, and a couple years later became a bicycle mechanic. When Nina isn’t in school or working, she would probably be hanging out with her siblings and/or playing 5 different music instruments because she loves music!

Nina totally loves her job! She enjoys working on donated commuters, preparing them for some practical riding around the city. Nina also loves working with a few programs the organization has to offer!


William Francis profile photo

William Francis, Programs Director

William began with the Community Cycling Center as a Safe Routes to School Coordinator in 2018, and has been serving as Programs Director since December 2021. William has been involved with the organization in various capacities over the past 15 years as a customer, volunteer, Bike Camp Instructor, interim ABC Coordinator, and partner when he was working for the Street Trust. William is inspired by the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and supports the Community Cycling Center’s ongoing commitment to transportation justice, especially on behalf of underserved communities. William loves playing/ watching/ talking basketball, backpacking and bikepacking, cooking (and eating!), being a cat parent, and riding bikes all places.
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Maddie Franz, SRTS Coordinator

Maddie grew up riding her bike all over Portland and feels lucky to be able to share that experience with younger generations. Outside of work, you can find her cooking up pancakes by a river, playing ultimate frisbee, or experimenting with new art mediums. Go Blazers.

Riley Gabriel, STEM Program Supervisor

Riley started working on bikes ten years ago at The Hub Community Bike Shop in Bellingham, Washington. After years of riding her bike lots of miles all over the place, asking questions, helping create the annual haunted shop for Bike-O-Ween, and digging through piles of used parts she was hired on as a mechanic. Riley went on to explore a variety of other interests before life led her to Portland. She joined the Community Cycling Center as a mechanic in the spring of 2019, entering the new role of Program Mechanic in the fall of that year.

As the Program Mechanic Riley enjoys sharing her love of learning with others, specifically as an instructor for the STEM Program, at HBD Volunteer Nights, and at the Hub satellite shop in the New Columbia neighborhood. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, being in the wilderness, building things, and identifying butterflies.

Hanna Howsmon, Education Manager

Hanna joined the Community Cycling Center in April 2020. They grew up in Texas where they studied Geography and Urban Studies at UT Austin and discovered their love of active transportation (car-free since 2014!). More recently, she taught social studies to some of the world’s best kiddos at a public high school in Brooklyn, NY while earning her master’s in teaching. They’re excited to join the Cycling Center because they believe that bikes and bike safety education provide tools for achieving inclusive, meaningful change by strengthening community ties, empowering youth voices, and building climate resilience. Outside of CCC, Hanna enjoys reading, cooking, hiking, camping, and biking around town.

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Tarv Just Is, Mechanic

It’s all in the name really. Born on the edge of the Pacific ocean and raised amidst North America’s most ancient and decrepit mountains, Tarv has continued to exist and to be throughout many points in time and space.



Allison Kozik, Retail Manager

Allison has spent the last three years navigating a post-covid Portland after moving here from Chicago in March 2020. In that time, they’ve found support from an amazing community of cyclists and worked in a few of Portland’s well-known bike institutions and are excited to bring their perspective to CCC. A member of Fast Fun Nice Racing Team, they’ve made a habit of racing both road and cyclocross as poorly as possible but still managing to keep a smile on their face. When they aren’t riding, selling, talking about, or dreaming about bikes, they’re spending their time exploring Portland’s many vegan spots, secondhand shopping, or hanging out at home with their two rambunctious cats.

LB, Retail Staff

LB returned to the Community Cycling Center in March 2020. Previously, LB was a summer camp instructor at CCC, and during that time they decided to change the handle bars on their bike. How hard could it be? As it turns out, very difficult–when you have no idea what you’re doing! Undeterred, they set out to learn more. Over the next year and a half they continued to expand their bicycle knowledge & assembled the Frankenstein commuter of their dreams. They are very excited to be here and their favorite part of the job is helping other people (especially beginners!) find the perfect bike. When they’re not riding their bike, you can usually find them making things, fixing things, or gardening.



Cole Lalomia, Communications & Marketing Coordinator
Drawn by the moss and big trees, Cole found Portland to be home after moving from New Jersey. While studying Community Development at Portland State University he spent time working as a student mechanic and instructor at the PSU Bike Hub and leading the PSU Cycling Team. Cole rides bikes mostly because he hates walking. He is also pretty serious about not being too serious while racing bikes at a serious level of competition. He sees bikes as being the most convenient, quickest, and downright best way to get around and hopes that by making cycling more accessible more people will be able to experience the same enjoyment.
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Jonnie Ling, Associate Director of Finance and Operations
Jonnie Ling started as a seasonal mechanic in 2008 and is now our Associate Director of Finance and Operations.   He previously worked at several different bike shops, and was a founding member of the Third Hand Bicycle Cooperative in Columbus, OH. Outside of work, he makes furniture and micro architecture. The furthest he’s ever ridden his bike is from here to San Francisco in a mere nine days.
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Geo Mcguire, Mechanic

Shop cat. If he fits, he sits.

Brittany Morris, Development Director
( She/Her)

Brittany loves raising money for causes she believes in because behind those dollar signs are people getting together to raise each other up. She believes the bicycle is a vehicle for personal liberation, and she wants to do everything in her power to help others experience the joy and independence a bike can offer one’s life!

In her free time, she likes to garden and share her harvests, dream of backcountry bike tours, volunteer, and spend time with her favorite dog Leroy the wonder-dog.
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Ursa (Ursy) Nuffer- Rodriguez, Bicycle Mechanic

Ursa has been riding bikes for just about as long be as they’ve been walking. Hailing from Denver Colorado, Ursy is a PSU alum who started at CCC as a bike mechanic in January 2022 after a 2.5 year stint at the PSU Bike Hub. They are a casual cyclist with an affinity for cyclocross and meandering rides around the city. Ursa is passionate about cycling equity, biking as green transportation, and petting every dog that comes through the shop. When they’re not wrenching, you can find Ursy trying out a new gluten free recipe or exploring the great outdoors!

Beth Offenbecher, Bike Shop Director (She/Her)

Beth comes to Portland by way of Chicago. Her cycling passions involve dusty gravel roads and scenic bikepacking. She also has an itch to travel and explore. Most weekends she’s hopping on her bike or in her van to go check out something new. When not working, on her bike, or on the road, Beth is an aficionado cook, enthusiastic dog mom, and hobbyist wood and metal worker.


Natania “Natty” Pillias, Community Engagement Coordinator 
Natty joined the Cycling Center team in February 2018. As Safe Routes to School Coordinator, she coordinates inspiring bike clubs in North Portland, specifically at Rosa Parks Elementary. She is excited to create healthy living options and to inspire groups in the New Columbia neighborhood to get on a bike or get back on one. Natty brings her experience working in communities towards building new mindsets for struggling mothers and/or single parents. She is here to bridge our communities together gear by gear, to shift thinking, and to tune everyone into new opportunities through riding. When not working at the Cycling Center, Natty can be found riding with her child, Nevaeh, and their puppy, Dexter. She also loves just sitting in her neighborhood and watching everything in action; it feels great to just be a part of a community that stays very active and in which everyone knows each other. She identifies as obsessed with adventures and survival and foraging foods we can grow locally or find right in our own backyards. Natty loves to eat.

Nixie Oliveri, Mechanic
Nixie likes bikes and bikes like Nixie.

Ann R., Used Inventory Coordinator
Ann grew up in Portland and has fond memories of hanging out at the CCC as a teenager. She even assembled her first fixed gear bike from a bare frame with the assistance of the CCC, before everyone was doing it ;P A “graduate” of the Evergreen State College, Ann spent many years working as the assistant curator of a rare books collection before taking Megan Dean’s (Moth Attack) Steel Brazed Framebuilding course at the Center for Metal Arts in Johnstown, PA. Immediately after that, Ann moved back to Portland and started working at the CCC, in an undisclosed and highly top-secret position. In her spare time she collects the tools necessary for frame building, and doubtless she would have already had a full workshop by now if she didn’t keep buying obscure 90s road bike parts instead. Ultimately, Ann hopes to learn how to build wooden boats in addition to bicycles. She’s a big fan of Uffa’s small and medium sized keelboats, as well as various catamarans and outriggers.

Steph Routh, Interim Executive Director
Steph was formerly the Communications Manager at the Cycling Center and has been grateful to rejoin the team as interim ED during Momoko’s leave of absence. Steph was born in East Portland and has spent the last 20 or so years working in support of sustainable development internationally, more equitable access to housing and transportation regionally, and better democracy. Steph is an adjunct instructor with PSU’s Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, and she has served as recent Chair of Portland’s Planning & Sustainability Commission. When left to her own devices, she can be found walking with a clipboard for local candidates and measures, bike camping, rock climbing, or staring into her dog Olive’s eyes.

Naimah Shaheed, Director of Diversity & People

Naimah was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, where riding/storing a bike can be challenging, but despite this, in her mid twenties she managed to get her hands on her very first bike. She also got into hiking, backpacking, and continued cycling on and off. She then moved to Portland, Oregon in 2006, to be closer to nature, outdoor recreational opportunities, and the unique public transportation infrastructure. After working for non-profits for many years Naimah earned her degree in Human Resource Management from Portland State University. Naimah enjoys volunteering and spending time with her family, she is very happy to join the Community Cycling Center in fall of 2019 to assist with CCC’s mission to broaden access to cycling and its benefits. Naimah can be reached at [email protected]org

Nat Sheffler, Training & Evaluation Supervisor

Nat came to the CCC in 2018 after working for several other programs (Boston bikes, YMCA Ybike, and REI outdoor school) as an instructor. What do these organizations all have in common? Getting people on bikes and teaching them how to do it safely! When she’s not teaching kids how to use both brakes, she’s off riding on some dirt and/or way too cold in a tent on a bikepacking adventure!

Carl Wilson, Bicycle Mechanic, Salvage Sunday
Carl Wilson has a very long history with the Community Cycling Center, having worked as a mechanic here since 2003. He does all kinds of mechanic work, like refurbishing bicycles for sale, booking repairs, and taking in donations, and he does a fantastic job at it. He enjoys getting paid to do what he loves – fixing bikes. Prior to joining our team, he worked in construction, telemarketing, and landscaping. Outside of work, he enjoys building bikes, fixing clocks, and watching movies. His favorite ride in Portland is Zoobomb, because it is fast, fun, and goes through beautiful Forest Park.
[email protected]

Elizabeth Wilson, Bookkeeper

Elizabeth grew up riding her bike in suburban New Jersey, and has been car-free since 2005. She has
spent most of her adult life crunching numbers for small businesses, with non-profits being her favorite. In 2009 Elizabeth was the #2 candidate for a job with the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition (Santa Rosa, CA), so working with CCC is a dream come true for her! When she isn’t crunching numbers (or even when she is), she is out traveling and exploring the world- her greatest joy in life.

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