Beth Offenbecher (she/her)
CCC Lead Instructor and Shop Director has nearly two decades of bike shop experience. Throughout her career, she has advocated to increase access to cycling by leveraging a two-pronged approach; reducing barriers to acquiring the bicycle itself and bicycle mechanic knowledge for all. This approach increases rider confidence, creating a stronger cyclist and knowledgeable member of the cycling community.




Pax Lloyd-Burchett (he/she/they)
Pax’s current role in CCC’s Programs Department has them teaching students bike mechanics at two alternative high schools in Portland. Their goal in teaching, and developing classes for adults is to inculcate a sense of competence in anyone who feels as though “bikes aren’t for them” or that “they’re not mechanically inclined.” Pax started working on their own bike as a commuter in middle school, and began professionalizing that experience by working as a tour guide, and bike mechanic at a family owned and operated bike shop.



Bob Bartholomew (he/him)
Bob started working at bike shops in ‘89 in Southern California. He’s worked on everything from beach cruisers to pro race bikes. From local bike shops, he went on to work at REI. There he was sent to Barnett’s bike school where he was trained in bike mechanic education. For the next 35yrs, Bob used that education to open REI service departments across the country and train mechanics.

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