There are many different ways to volunteer your time at the Community Cycling Center. To learn more, email [email protected].


We provide training for all volunteers; you do not need to have any bicycle mechanic skills to begin. You’ll have the chance to become a certified volunteer mechanic and wrench on Holiday Bike Drive bikes in our shop at Drop-In nights, work directly with our community partners in New Columbia and Hacienda, join our Guest Mechanic Program, or dismantle and recycle donated bicycles.

Guest Mechanic Program – Thursday’s team assembles and maintains bicycle fleets for Community Cycling Center programs and for our community partners, as well as assembling new bicycles to be sold in the shop. Fleet maintenance and assembly are the mechanical pieces of the puzzle when it comes to delivering meaningful programming where bicycles are a focus for empowerment and livability. This volunteer opportunity is a great fit for intermediate to advanced mechanics. Covering all parts of a bike, the Guest Mechanic program is great for the seasoned mechanic looking to keep their skills sharp or folks who are fairly comfortable working bikes already but eager to learn more.

Wheels Wednesday – Every Wednesday from 1:00-5:00pm, wheels volunteers with a range of experience levels help assess, clean, and overhaul donated wheels to be sold at the shop. Hub adjustments and wheel truing are generally what keep volunteers busy on wheels day, but there’s still plenty to do for people with less experience who are looking to get more acclimated working on wheels. We also have more challenging projects — like wheel-building — for volunteers with more experience. Wheels volunteers are vital to the Cycling Center’s success, as it’s the only volunteer program where the volunteer’s finished work is sold at the shop to customers who want good, quality used wheels at a lower price than buying new. Whether you’re just beginning to learn, or want to hone your wheel-building skills, there’s a space for committed volunteers on Wheels Day. There’s also sometimes cookies.


Volunteers support the educational component of our programs by assisting an Adult Earn a Bike workshop, supporting our Bike Club program, leading bike safety clinics at New Columbia and Hacienda, and joining us at various outreach events throughout the year.

Bike Ride Supporters

Our partners at New Columbia and Hacienda are leading bike rides during the summer so that their friends, family, and neighbors have a chance to explore their community together on two wheels. They need confident ride volunteers to help support their bike rides.

Bike Collectors

Each year we process over 2,500 donated bicycles, and we redirect over 15 tons of metal and rubber out of landfills through a variety of reuse events. Learn how to lead your own bike collection event, clean bicycles destined for the Holiday Bike Drive, or recycle bike parts that cannot be used in programs.


Volunteers help make our events a more welcoming experience for all of our participants. We have a wide variety of projects for people who would like to provide interpreter support. From creating a welcoming environment for families receiving bikes, to transcribing audio files, volunteers who speak multiple languages are essential to the work that we do.

Creative Team

We rely on volunteer support for photography, graphic design, videography, web development, writing, and more. We would love to learn more about your creative talents and how they might fit with our communications and fundraising teams’ goals.

Volunteer Groups

Are you looking for a rewarding, team-building activity for your employees or group? We host dozens of volunteer groups from supporting organizations and businesses, including Hands on Greater Portland, Bike Gallery, REI, Adidas, the Standard, Portland Wheelmen Touring Club, and many more.

Misc. Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers help us out with welding, carpentry, legal work, trail building, data entry, and more. Your skills may be needed here, even if it’s not listed above. Have a special talent that you think may be useful? Don’t hesitate to share.

Connect with Us

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