Holiday Bike Drive: the Sequel needs your support!

More than 350 children could not attend the Holiday Bike Drive on December 14th this year due to the wintry road conditions. So we have decided, with the support of our amazing volunteers and community partners, to schedule Holiday Bike Drive: The Sequel in January.

We will spend the next few weeks organizing volunteers and staff, coordinating with social service agencies and families, and fundraising like crazy to pull the whole thing off.

That’s where you can help. Organizing another event will cost around $3,000 in staff time and supplies. The current economic situation has hit us in the pocketbook, with fewer people making contributions for the Holiday Bike Drive.

If you have already donated this year, you are amazing. Would you consider another gift? Or tell a friend about our work and ask them to make a contribution.

If you have not made a contribution, we really need your help. Any amount that you can afford will make a big difference to the 350 children who are still looking forward to receiving their first bike.

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