Introducing “America”– Holiday Bike Drive Style

Remember our Holiday Bike Drive insiders? We’re following 3 bikes from collection to Holiday Bike Drive when they’ll go home with some lucky boy or girl.  Well one of those bike is no longer nameless.  Skilled volunteer mechanic, Joe Wilson, has christened this one “America.” Take a look below to find out why.

Red HBD Bike Pre-Clean

Above is a photo of America shortly after she came to us through a bike collection hosted by Central East Portland Rotary.  A little beat up and plain (but brimming with star potential) she hung out in our basement with the other Holiday Bike Drive contenders.

HBD Bike Red Cleaned

The first step in America’s transformation was a good cleaning by Ron Gullberg, a member of  Central East Portland Rotary Club.  In addition to hosting a bike collection, six Central East Portland Rotary Club members came in on November 15 to shake the dust off some of these bikes. Notice the rusty handlebars and yellowing seat?  That’s all about to change…

HBD Bike Red Fixed

Last night, skilled volunteer Joe Wilson got her into shape and made her sparkle. After the mechanic work was done and the bright blue accents were added, he affectionately named her America.  The next time you see her, she’ll be headed home with a child at our Holiday Bike Drive!

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