It takes a community part 1: The bike donor

TaraIt takes a community to make the Holiday Bike Drive happen every year, and we are so proud of everyone who contributes time, money, skills, and more to provide 500 children with their first bicycles, helmets, and bike safety education.

This winter, we are featuring profiles of community members who have helped to create the magic of Holiday Bike Drive. First up, please meet bicycle donor Tara Kotan.

One of the children at this year’s Holiday Bike Drive will take home Tara’s old bicycle. Eleven-year-old Tara has been volunteering at the Community Cycling Center, along with her dad, Larry, for the past three years. This year, she’s excited to volunteer at the Holiday Bike Drive for the first time.

Tell us some of your memories about the bicycle that you donated this year.
It was my first bike and the one that I learned to ride on. Before I had it, my big sister learned how to ride on it, too!

Why did you decide to donate this bicycle to the Community Cycling Center?
It’s too small for me now, and I thought another kid would like to have it.

What does the Holiday Bike Drive mean to you?
It makes me feel good that I can help other kids get bikes that they wouldn’t normally get to have.

Please join Tara and become a part of our amazing community of supporters. You can make a donation to support the Holiday Bike Drive and all of our innovative bicycle safety programs through the Give!Guide through December 31st. Have a bicycle to donate? We will happily accept your gently-used bicycle at our bike shop or at a collection around town. Every donation makes a big difference!

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