Our Mechanics’ favorite places to ride in Portland

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist

EVAN. Holiday Bike Drive Production Coordinator/Service Coordinator/Mechanic. Evan, a jokester, says he’s lived here too long to ride his bike. Truthfully, he prefers to stay in his neighborhood, Northeast. But, like everyone else, he loves a good Zoobomb.




CARL. Mechanic. Carl is adventurous. He loves Zoobombing and riding the Leif Erickson trail in Forest Park. Besides that, he adds, “Anywhere but downtown.”





TIMTIM. Mechanic. On Sunday mornings, TimTim likes to pack a backpack full of snacks, grab his favorite handbuilt bike, and ride to the bike polo court at Alberta Park where he plays bike polo all day and into the evening with his friends.




DAVID. Retail Manager. David loves biking on the dirt roads of Cully, where he lives. He also loves going down the Alameda ridge on Sandy, where you get great views, especially at sunset.










PATRICK. Service Manager. It’s no secret around the Community Cycling Center that Patrick loves riding up steep hills on heavy bikes. He even co-organized this year’s Heavy Hill Climb during Pedalpalooza. So, unsurprisingly, his favorite ride in Portland is up to Pittock mansion. It’s 12-25 minutes of painful climb, followed by a great view. He recommends it as an evening ride, because in the morning you breathe too much exhaust. Click here to see Patrick’s map of the ride.


Where’s your favorite place to ride in Portland?

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