Union Contract Ratified!

We have a contract! The unionization of Community Cycling Center(CCC) workers was unanimously approved to be recognized last April. Since then, we’ve been working to create and ratify a contract to formalize the agreement between Community Cycling Center leadership, workers of CCC and ILWU Local 5. This week, that process has come to a successful end as CCC workers have voted to approve the proposed agreement.

The contract outlines and solidifies structures that will benefit us for years to come. Some highlights include:

  • Establishing a just cause and grievance procedure for employees facing disciplinary action
  • Robust new hire training and orientation training, including enhanced training regarding safety issues
  • Regular training and education regarding discrimination in the workplace (including ableism, transphobia, anti-blackness and misogyny)
  • Codifies a system whereby all positions start at a rate of pay equal to a living wage in Portland and establishes future yearly wage increases based on inflation
  • New paid time off for Holidays
  • New flex fund and work from home stipend

We’re pleased to come to an agreement that benefits everyone. We truly believe that the Community Cycling Center is stronger as a whole now that we have a formally unionized staff. A great deal of work was put into this by the workers’ organizing committee, Ryan, our current representative from ILWU, and the CCC leadership team. Thanks and congratulations to all!

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