Bike Club kids evaluate Cully’s bike-ability

Rigler Bike Club, Spring 2009Earlier this month, we hosted a special field trip during the Rigler Elementary Bike Club, with help from Stephanie Noll of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance.

After Stephanie presented the five E’s that affect cyclists: education, engineering, encouragement, enforcement, and evaluation, the Bike Club took to the road to assess their neighborhood from a bicyclist’s point of view.

The eleven students explored a number of different types of streets, including roads with bike lanes, speed bumps, limited shoulder room, unpaved roads, and quiet, residential streets.

Afterwards, they recommended improvements for the Cully neighborhood. They came up with some pretty interesting ideas:

  • More bike lanes, one on each side of the road
  • More driver awareness and education
  • More police to enforce traffic rules and to keep everyone safe
  • Better detours for bikes around construction
  • Places for people to ride and walk where cars aren’t allowed
  • More bike rest stops, with public water fountains
  • Bike-through windows at restaurants
  • Better paved streets for bikes, with no bumps or big holes

The kids who attend Rigler Elementary are neighborhood experts who have a lot to say about how to make their streets more bike-friendly. They all agreed that riding in Cully can be really fun, but that there’s definitely room for improvement. Bike rest stops, anyone?

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