Bike Club team pilots new winter curriculum in Cully

Bike Club has historically taken place in the fall and the spring of the school year, leaving kids without an opportunity to continue to be engaged during the winter months. Thanks to the generosity of the Nike Employee Grant Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation, we are excited to pilot a new winter Bike Club at Harvey Scott featuring a bicycle maintenance focused curriculum.

We designed this pilot to help broaden students’ mechanical skills and to keep kids motivated through times of inclement weather and lack of sunlight. Students will track their learning through journals that they created from paper and reused inner tubes. Through more in-depth mechanical lessons, students will build the mechanical skills necessary to keeping their bicycles safe and functional.

On January 5th, kids enrolled in Bike Club at Harvey Scott began learning how to take apart and put together a bike with the support of their instructors, Gladys Ruiz and Forrest Scott. As the term progresses, the students will learn bicycle anatomy, wheel removal, flat tire repair, the science behind shifting, and how to identify and troubleshoot basic mechanical problems. They will also learn how to identify and properly recycle an unsafe bicycle. We look forward to watching the students’ confidence grow through these mechanical lessons and educational bike games.

We are excited to pilot a year-round Bike Club at one of our schools and evaluate this as a program model to provide students with opportunities to stay engaged in the spring, fall and winter. The kids who are enrolled in winter Bike Club at Harvey Scott will have the opportunity to join Bike Club in the spring, where they will shift to focusing on road safety and map reading. Stay tuned for updates as the pilot club moves along!

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