At Your Service

At our shop we offer a full range of maintenance and repair services. Whether your bike needs a flat fixed or a complete overhaul, our team of experienced mechanics has you covered. We also offer many programs for people living on low incomes, designed to bring pedals to the people – from our Earn a Bike program to our annual Holiday Bike Drive for kids. Since shop proceeds support these programs, your purchases help enrich our community by keeping these programs in motion.

Mechanics You Can Trust

Our mechanics are highly skilled and specialize in demystifying bicycle maintenance and repair. Not sure why your bike is making that noise? We’re happy to explain exactly what’s going on and give you tips for future maintenance (advice is always free during shop hours).

We Love ‘Em All

At the Community Cycling Center, we love all bikes equally and pride ourselves on our experience with all types. Whether you have a carbon fiber racing machine or a comfy cruiser for getting the groceries, you can trust that your ride will get the TLC it deserves – we’ll always treat your bike like it’s one of our own. Our mechanics have experience repairing every kind of bicycle, tandem, unicycle, and tricycle.

Selections from Our Labor Menu

Estimate: Free!

Estimates are always free at the Community Cycling Center bike shop. A resident mechanic will take 15 minutes to give you a thorough assessment of the services your bike needs and an estimate of the cost. Our friendly and professional mechanics will explain it all in a straightforward way. No over-the-top bike jargon – unless you ask for it!


All repair services are covered by a 30-day warranty.

Minor Tune-Up: $60

This is a great service if you have a lightly used bike, and is an alternative to a full tune-up. This includes lubing the chain and cables, making minor adjustments to the brakes and gears, and minor truing of the wheels. Our mechanics will also check the adjustment and security of all bearing systems. This also includes a test ride to make sure everything is running smoothly. If your bike needs anything beyond a minor tune-up, we’ll let you know in the beginning.

Major Tune-Up: $130

For a major tune-up, we will adjust the brakes and derailleurs. We’ll true the wheels, adjust the hub bearings and headset, as well as the bottom bracket. We’ll lube the chain and cables and check the security of all the fittings. Major tune-ups also include a light cleaning of your bike.

Overhaul: $250

A Community Cycling Center overhaul is a truly comprehensive service. We’ll strip your bicycle to the frame, clean it, and wax it. We’ll overhaul the headset, hubs, and bottom bracket. We’ll also change the brake and shifting cables as needed. Our overhaul service includes a complete tune-up and drive train cleaning. Note that you’ll also have to cover the cost of all the parts. After an overhaul from our seasoned mechanics, each system on your bike will be tuned to perfection.

Flat Fix: $10

If you hit a pothole or a gnarly shard of glass and have a flat, have no fear. We’ll replace the tube, air it up, and send you on your way. The price of a new tube is an additional $7.

Lube and Supply Charge: $5

Note that most repairs have a lube and supply charge. This helps us pay for oil, grease, cleaners, solvents, shop towel rental, cable crimps and ferrules, responsible disposal of waste, and many other supplies we use to help keep you feeling the freedom of two wheels.

These are our most popular services. For a full service menu and an estimate for the specific needs of your bike, stop by the shop!

Now for the ultimate question…

When Can I Have My Ride Back?

Depending on how much lovin’ your bike needs and our current shop schedule, repair times will vary from same-day service to two weeks. If you need a quick fix like a flat or a brake or derailleur adjustment, we can often do that on the spot and get you back on the road. Feel free to give us a call at 503-287-8786 for the scoop on wait time and line-up of other repairs our mechanics have going on. You can also bring your bike in and schedule an appointment with our experts – we’ll evaluate it and set up a time to get it repaired.

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