COVID19 Update

We are open for repairs however we are not allowing customers in the store. For bike repairs, simply walk-up to the front entrance on Alberta st. and a mechanic will be there to check-in your bike. We will complete a free estimate within 24hrs and call you for approval before doing any repairs to your bike. You can direct any questions to [email protected] or call 503-287-8786.
Please wear a mask and maintain a six foot distance when dropping off bikes at the door.
Stay safe out there. Our shop is open to with limited operations to help flatten the curve of infections, so we could use a little extra support.  Click here to donate to our emergency campaign or click here to purchase a gift certificate.

At Your Service

At our shop we offer a full range of maintenance and repair services. Whether your bike needs a flat fixed or a complete overhaul, our team of experienced mechanics has you covered. We also offer many programs for people living on low incomes, designed to bring pedals to the people – from our Earn a Bike program to our annual Holiday Bike Drive for kids. Since shop proceeds support these programs, your purchases help enrich our community by keeping these programs in motion.

Mechanics You Can Trust

Our mechanics are highly skilled and specialize in demystifying bicycle maintenance and repair. Not sure why your bike is making that noise? We’re happy to explain exactly what’s going on and give you tips for future maintenance (advice is always free during shop hours).

We Love ‘Em All

At the Community Cycling Center, we love all bikes equally and pride ourselves on our experience with all types. Whether you have a carbon fiber racing machine or a comfy cruiser for getting the groceries, you can trust that your ride will get the TLC it deserves – we’ll always treat your bike like it’s one of our own. Our mechanics have experience repairing every kind of bicycle, tandem, unicycle, and tricycle.

Selections from Our Labor Menu

Estimate: Free!

Estimates are always free at the Community Cycling Center bike shop — and they’re the first step for every bike we check-in for repairs.  Not sure what your bike needs? We’ll do an estimate! Know exactly what your bike needs? We’ll still do an estimate to check all the bases and ensure your bike is safe to ride. Within 24 hours we’ll contact you with a suggested plan for fixing your bike. Our friendly and professional mechanics will explain it all in a straightforward way. No over-the-top bike jargon – unless you ask for it! If you decide to go ahead with the suggested repairs we’ll schedule your bike for the next available repair slot.

*All estimates include a 10-15% buffer in cost. We’re experienced enough to know that we can’t guarantee exact prices. Things happen, especially with older bikes! When we write an estimate, we only know part of the story. Much more is revealed when we start taking a bike apart. The buffer is there to cover the cost of anything we couldn’t anticipate. We’ll use it when we have to, but we won’t charge you if we don’t!


All repair services are covered by a 30-day warranty.

Minor Tune-Up: $70

This is a great service if you have a lightly used bike, and is an alternative to a full tune-up. This includes lubing the chain and cables, making minor adjustments to the brakes and gears, and minor truing of the wheels, and checking all of the bolts for safety. This also includes a test ride to make sure everything is running smoothly. If your bike needs anything beyond a minor tune-up, we’ll let you know in the estimate we provide.

Standard Tune-Up: $100*

The Goldilocks of tune-ups! It’s everything that the minor tune-up is; plus bearing adjustments and it includes the labor for installing any cables or brake pads that need to be replaced. This service is usually recommended for bikes that need more attention than just making adjustments, but still has parts that have plenty of life left in them. If it’s not worn, don’t replace it! *Parts not included

Major Tune-Up: $150*

For a Major Tune we basically take the bike apart, clean it, and put it back together with all new cables and housing. A major tune up will ensure your bike’s brake and shifting systems feel as good as new. We true the wheels and grease/adjust all of the bearing systems(hubs, headset, bottom bracket) to keep things feeling smooth and prevent parts from unnecessarily wearing. The $150 labor fee also covers the installation of any* parts that need replacing at that time. A major tune will guarantee your bike feels fantastic when you ride away! *Parts not included. A major tune up covers the cost of installing drivetrain parts, wheels, tires/tubes, and grips/handlebar tape.

Flat Fix: $12

If you hit a pothole or a gnarly shard of glass and have a flat, have no fear. We’ll replace the tube, air it up, and send you on your way. The price of a new tube is an additional $8.

These are our most popular services. For a full service menu and an estimate for the specific needs of your bike, stop by the shop!

Now for the ultimate question…

When Can I Have My Ride Back?

Depending on how much lovin’ your bike needs and our current shop schedule, repair times will vary from same-day service to two weeks. If you need a quick fix like a flat or a brake or derailleur adjustment, we can often do that on the spot and get you back on the road. Feel free to give us a call at 503-287-8786 for the scoop on wait time and line-up of other repairs our mechanics have going on. You can also bring your bike in and schedule an appointment with our experts – we’ll evaluate it and set up a time to get it repaired.




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