Carl’s 20th Anniversary Party

If you’ve been by the bike shop sometime in the past two decades, chances are you’ve seen Carl! He does a lot of different things around the shop but he’s probably best known for holding court every Sunday at the Salvage Sale where he helps people make use of the discarded bits and bobs often forgotten about. He’s also a longtime mechanic at our Repair Hub in the New Columbia neighborhood where he’s helped hundreds of residents with repairs so they can get back on their bikes. Carl’s presence is undeniably positive and his enthusiasm for bikes is contagious. The Community Cycling Center would simply not be the same without him!

After having a particularly rough year in his life outside of work, we knew we had to do something extra special for his 20th anniversary with the organization. So, a few weeks ago we closed the bike shop, invited some old coworkers and longtime volunteers, and surprised him with a party at the Repair Hub, where he was working that day. That wasn’t the biggest surprise though– thanks to Nissy, CCC Alumni Gram Shipley, and the CCC Leadership Team, we were able to gift him not one, but two absolutely gorgeous new bikes!

Carl made sure to note that he’s never owned a new bike in the 20 years that he’s worked at the CCC! He’s had plenty of bikes that he’s lovingly put together over the years but never felt he could justify buying a new one. Needless to say, he was pretty blown away! Without skipping a beat, he was off riding wheelies around the park in true Carl-fashion. It was a really special afternoon and we’re so glad that we could share it with so many people that have known Carl over the years.

Carl would like to thank everyone that made it happen and he wants everyone to know that it means a lot. And, of course, you should also know that his new bike wheelies like a champ!

Give Carl a hi-five the next time you see him around! You can be sure to find him at the Salvage Sale, every Sunday 1PM-4PM.

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