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Whether you’re thinking about buying a bike or you’ve already narrowed down your specific needs, don’t hesitate to check us out. Here at the Community Cycling Center we have a huge selection of new and used bicycles just waiting for some love. We have something for every budget, from new bikes to fully overhauled used bicycles, and even used frames that you can build up yourself.

We’re here to help people of all backgrounds and income levels ride safely. When you buy a bicycle from the Community Cycling Center, 100% of the proceeds from that sale go directly to help fund our community-based nonprofit programs.

10% Discount on New Accessories

When you buy a new or new-to-you–bicycle, we offer a 10% discount on new accessories. That means you can stock up on the necessities like a helmet, lights, and a lock, or whatever other upgrades to make your ride even better!

New Bicycles

We currently carry a small but fantastic selection of commuter and townie style bikes from Felt and Fuji as well as kids’ bikes of all sizes from Fuji and SE.

Used Bicycles

Our commendable selection of “as-is” used bicycles are a great option for anyone on a budget, and we usually have over 50 of them for you to choose from. All bikes receive servicing from one of our professional mechanics. We make the necessary repairs needed to insure they are safe and fully functional before going-out for-sale. Our used bikes are ready to ride! Occasionally the used bikes we sell are safe and functional but could use some added TLC to perform as best as possible. When that’s the case, our mechanics note what performance repairs are needed. Our friendly retail staff can help explain the recommended improvements. This is a great opportunity to learn basic bicycle maintenance if you’d like to fix it yourself, or if not – our service department is happy to check-in the bike for repairs. 



Building a bicycle can be a fun and empowering project, leaving you with a finished product you’ll be extra proud to ride around town. If you’re thinking about building a bike, we have a wide variety of used frames to choose from at our shop. Our knowledgeable staff are always here to help select parts and accessories so you can build your dream bike.

Availability is always changing as we receive more donations and our mechanics create new dream machines. The best way to check what’s here is to stop by or give us a call at 503-287-8786.


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