For the Multi-Modal Teen: Urban Riders Camp

Summer camp 2008Last summer we noticed that older Bike Campers seemed to fall within one of two groups: those who were mainly interested in putting miles on their tires, and those who were interested in exploring the city, with an emphasis on learning how to take bikes on public transit.

To accommodate the second group, we added another camp for kids ages 13-15 this year: Urban Riders. Urban Riders camp will show kids how to navigate Portland using Tri-Met, route planning, and map reading. By the end of the session, campers will be able to confidently navigate city streets to take them places they want to go.

We are offering two Urban Riders sessions this summer: July 6 – 10 and August 24 – 28.

P.S. If your kid is the kid who just wants to tour for miles to places like Council Crest and Sauvie Island, check out our Advanced Riders camp in August.

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