Getting to know: Ashley Mitchell

Ashley at 2007 HBDAshley works and volunteers for the Community Cycling Center. She is a Bike Club and Summer Camp instructor in addition to helping out at the shop. Ashley’s the one who set up the bike rodeo/police bike demonstration with Officer Robert Pickett for the 2008 Summer Camp. She also set up an opportunity for the more advanced summer campers to test ride tall bikes and meet the builders. Ashley doesn’t know how NOT to go above and beyond: she’s created buttons and games for Bike Club, organized group rides and art shows, and brings fantastic energy and encouragement wherever she arrives.

What did you do during the Holiday Bike Drive last year?
I volunteered doing bike safety education – specifically, teaching kids about personal safety checks as new bike riders. This involved an awesome felt board that the kids could stick lights, a helmet, and fluffy clouds to.

What will you do this year?
I’ll be coordinating the Bike Safety Education area – training volunteers, setting up stations, and helping the kids get their bike safety education in a super-fun way.

Why do you volunteer at the Holiday Bike Drive?
To be sentimental, I really believe in what the Holiday Bike Drive strives for, and achieves. The HBD provides access, and acts as a catalyst for community empowerment. How rad is that? Additionally, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Dream bike?
A two person trike with a side car and an attached bungalow on a trailer.

Where are you from?
Here! Er…40 miles west of here on Bald Peak, though it’s now called “Dragon Tail” by the Zoobombers…godspeed to yer’ brazen shenanigans zoobomb, godspeed.

Any hobbies/passions?
Other than bikes right? I’m super into reading books and taking photos. Ethics and physics make me giddy. I’m most passionate about being involved with people or community projects that work towards building community/engagement and/or improving the quality of life for people and our planet.

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