Getting to know: Sara Loreno

Sara and ZeldaSara is our multi-talented and even-tempered Shop Manager. Even though she’s in charge of pretty much everything at the bike shop, she never breaks a sweat. Sara will always laugh politely at your jokes and she’s a whiz at bike sizing. She has co-instructed Women’s Basic Bike Maintenance classes and is always willing to share her vast knowledge of bike safety tips. Since 2005, Sara has been making the Community Cycling Center a better place. Next time you’re in the shop, give her a high five.

What brought you to the Community Cycling Center?

I must admit, not a very inspiring story… I was working as a ropes course facilitator in Bonnie Lake, Washington. My boss there was best friends with Daniel Bohn, former Executive Director of the Community Cycling Center. So when I moved to Portland I looked up the Community Cycling Center to see if there were any openings… and like magic, there it was, “Retail Sales and Outreach” sitting there waiting for me. And there I was. And here I am, still super excited, and grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given.

Why do you work here?

I work here for the mission, the community, and the bikes. I feel super lucky to have been given the opportunity to work here.

What is your favorite Community Cycling Center program?

I’m really into Holiday Bike Drive, I remember the first year I got a chance to hang out at the event; I was blown away by the number of families the program affected. And how sweet is it that the kids get to pick out their own bikes?

What is your dream bike?

During the day I dream about many bikes that, if one day the stars align, I may own. At night, when actually dreaming, there is only one bike that appears, ever: Pee-Wee’s bike. You may have seen it in his Big Adventure. It’s my default dream bike.

What do you do when you’re not here?

I basically just really like my dog. When I’m not here I’m usually just bugging him to hang out with me or pretending to ignore him as a secondary ploy for attention.

Photo by Chris Hamann

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