Getting to know us: Meet David Kurushima

David KurushimaName: David Gray Kurushima
Employee at the Community Cycling Center since: March 2008
What do you do here? Shop Mechanic

Why do you work here?
I originally applied to work at the Community Cycling Center because I enjoyed both working on bicycles as well as being part of the broader effort to advance cycling as a practical and accessible mode of transportation. I love working here because I have fun doing what I do everyday and the staff I work with are all super awesome, generous and some of the nicest people I’ve known.

Dream bike?
My dream bike is the bike I ride right now. It is a Panasonic DX 4000; it is blue and white and is the fastest bike I’ve ever owned.

Where are you from?
I am from Los Angeles, CA by way of Eugene and Nehalem, OR.

What brought you to Portland?
I moved to Portland specifically to work for the Community Cycling Center. I’ve always liked Portland because of its accessible size, its relatively close-knit communities and all the rad bicycle action like ZooBomb.

Any hobbies/passions?
When I have the time I really enjoy printing either with wood blocks or silk screens. I also like surfing and being at the mercy of the infinite radness of the open world.

Last book you read?
1491 — A broad history book about the ecological characteristics of Pre-Columbian peoples in the western hemisphere.

How do you spend your days off?
I like to ride my bike and play ultimate Frisbee with my awesome Frisbee team.

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