Holiday Bike Drive (the Sequel) a snowy success!

At 6:30 Sunday morning Volunteer Coordinator, Brian Benson, looked outside and asked himself, “who ordered the snow?!”

It was only a little more than a month ago that Holiday Bike Drive had been cancelled mid-event because of a blustery snow storm that made roads treacherous and caused Legacy Emanuel Hospital to institute its emergency procedures.

Luckily, this weekend’s snow was only a chilly dusting, just enough to get us all back into the spirit of Holiday Bike Drive. By 9:00am all the bikes were lined up in rainbow rows, the helmets were ready for fitting, and the volunteers were decked out in holiday cheer.


Families started arriving promptly at 10am with smiles and the volunteers gave them an experience that will surely last a lifetime. After checking in, all the children with their families, learned about the importance of wearing a helmet, how to check a bicycle for safety, what to wear while riding to be safe, and how to recognize basic street signs.

After covering some safety basics, kids were paired with a volunteer who would guide them through choosing a helmet and then finding a bike. A string quartet serenaded the event, which tuned everyone into the essence of the event — celebrating our community. Everyone’s hard work was playing itself out beautifully and that’s when the smiles came on strong.

We will never forget this Holiday Bike Drive. It was the year we got a double dose of magic.

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