Introducing the Community Cycling Center’s Bikes for Kids at Hacienda

This year the Community Cycling Center is extending the spirit of the Holiday Bike Drive into the summer with Bikes for Kids!

Next month, we will partner with Hacienda Community Development Corporation to bring 75 lovingly refurbished bicycles, new helmets and bike safety education to resident children ages 3-8.

In our work with Hacienda as part of the Understanding Barriers to Bicycling Project, we recognized a need for additional options for residents to access safe and healthy transportation. Bikes for Kids is a pilot program aimed at helping families gain access to healthy, active transportation.

Hacienda staff member Anna Gordon says, “Kids who got bicycles at the Holiday Bike Drive are excited for their younger siblings to get bikes in time for summer.” Just like the Holiday Bike Drive, all bicycles for Bikes for Kids have been generously donated by community members at our neighborhood bike shop and at bike collections around the Portland Metro area.

On the day of the event, a team of volunteer instructors will teach children and their families’ safety lessons including how to secure their helmets properly, use hand signals, and how to start, stop and steer their new bicycles with confidence.

The Community Cycling Center’s Bikes for Kids at Hacienda is an opportunity to bring vibrant communities together to celebrate bicycling and kick off a summer of two-wheeled family adventures.

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