Meet Hanna, Our Volunteer & Events Manager

We are fortunate to have Hanna Davis join our team this month! In order to get to know her better, we asked her a little about herself.

Hanna DavisWhy did you choose to join the Community Cycling Center?
I’ve been in the non-profit world here in Portland for about the last six years — and it doesn’t take that long to become familiar with the Community Cycling Center’s work and its obvious impact on the community. I appreciate the organization’s commitment to equitably serve the community, the way they seek to broaden access and remove barriers to bicycling. It’s not just a bike shop–it’s a bike shop with a well-articulated, well-supported mission. Plus, working with the Cycling Center as a Volunteer & Events Manager not only utilizes my skills as an organizer, it makes me closer to the cycling community, which I love.

What has been your favorite volunteer experience to date, and why?
I’ve always loved volunteering with Friends of Trees for a neighborhood planting. After a morning of tree planting–often in the rain–there’s always a community potluck. Volunteers in sock feet choose from dozens of soups made and donated by community members. So sweet!

What are you looking forward to in the months ahead?
I’m looking forward to spending some quality time getting to know our volunteer community. Already I sense real, authentic commitment from these folks. I can’t wait to hear more about what volunteers love about the program. I’m already impressed and humbled.

I’m also super excited for Cycle Oregon, where we offer bike detailing and electronics charging as a fundraiser for our programs. This year, the ride is around the Bend and Crater Lake area. How many folks get to follow one of the most beautiful road rides in the US and camp for a week as part of their job?! What a treat!

Who is your hero?
Anyone that chooses to open up their heart and work for the common good, against all odds and sometimes for what seems like no good reason, is my hero. Folks who speak up, make art, cry when they’re moved, help their neighbors, tell jokes, care for kids, care for animals, remove glass from the bike lane, send postcards, bake bread, say they’re sorry, people who aren’t afraid, people who are afraid, people that stitch together inspiring lives from mismatched swatches of experience they didn’t ask for and somehow encourage others to do the same, people who aren’t morning people yet still manage to get up by 7, people who help you move or pick you up from the airport because you just don’t want to take the max. Heroes. Total heroes.

If you had to choose a personal motto, what would it be?
It can all exist at once.

Where is your favorite place to ride?
Sonoma/Mendocino counties. Hills, cliffs, ocean, cows, cows on hills overlooking cliffs that meet the ocean. My best bike memories are along Hwy 1, exhausting myself over dozens of rowdy breezy brilliant sun-soaked narrow-shouldered miles.

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