Our programs and admin team’s favorite places to ride

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist

RANDI. Volunteer and Outreach Manager. Randi will ride anywhere as long as she is with a group of people on bikes. She’ll even climb hills or go down them quickly if her peers are involved. Her main solo route is the Alameda ridge with its twisty, turny roads, great views, and neat houses to look at.






MELINDA. Communications and Marketing Manager. Melinda will take any excuse to ride along the Skidmore Bluffs and Willamette Blvd. It’s her favorite view of Portland.







ANNE. Deputy Director. Anne is our resident expert on where to ride in Portland, because she wrote the book! She loves a good garden tour. She rides through Southeast, past Reed College and back through town on the Springwater Corridor. She says it’s the perfect ride for a Sunday in the spring or summer with lots of gardens along the way. (Check out Where to Bike Portland for more info.)





MIKE. Development Manager. Mike loves riding everywhere, but it’s the shortest, simplest rides that make him happiest. He loves riding north on Tillamook, and then south on 28th toward Laurelhurst Park. Just south of Weidler there’s a turn that makes him feel like he’s in a video game.






KELLY. Programs Manager. Kelly loves to ride up Mt. Tabor. She loves the sense of accomplishment, and the view. Plus, once you’re up there, you can do a trail run.




NOEL. Development Coordinator. Noel loves to take the Springwater Corridor to Powell Butte to pick blackberries. Then she likes to eat at Cartlandia, and maybe swing by Oaks Amusement Park on the way home for a quick roller coaster ride.




JOSEPH. Administrative Specialist. Joseph is one lucky dude. His daily commute involves the Springwater Trail and Eastbank Esplanade and he says that’s his favorite ride. In the summer, he loves seeing all of the families out riding and walking together, and in winter he enjoys the occasional solitary ride along the trail. Rides this nice make him feel constantly grateful to live in Portland.


LALE. Assistant Camp Director. Lale might be the most enthusiastic person on the planet. I would guess she’d be happy riding anywhere, but she says her absolute favorite ride is to Kelley Point Park.




BRITT. Social Media Specialist. I love the part of N. Williams just past Killingsworth where the path turns residential, quiet, and good smelling. I also love biking down SE Ankeny. It’s my favorite of the biking streets.




Where’s your favorite place to ride in Portland?

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