Remmers won an Alice Award!

Susan Remmers has a reputation for making bold statements. At the Alice Awards on Saturday night, she received one herself: “You are making a difference.”

One of three honorees at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s annual Alice Awards, Remmers was singled out for her tireless efforts to improve community health by increasing access to bicycling and its benefits through her work as Executive Director at the Community Cycling Center.

During Remmers’s tenure, the Community Cycling Center began to participate in policy-level decision-making, working hard to make transportation and health equity a focus of the 2030 Portland Bike Master Plan Update.

She also played an instrumental role in launching the Understanding Barriers to Bicycling Project – a study designed to uncover barriers to bicycling experienced by people of color in N/NE Portland. This groundbreaking work has placed the Community Cycling Center on the national stage and inspired other communities across the country to examine and work to solve health and transportation disparities where they live, work, learn, and play.

Alison Graves, the current Executive Director of the Community Cycling Center, worked with Remmers for four years and notes that “Remmers gave the Community Cycling Center a huge gift through her tireless efforts to focus on community and health. We are so proud that she is acknowledged for her tireless dedication and important achievements.

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