Riding off into the sunrise – Farewell Mychal

It is truly bittersweet for us to announce the departure of Mychal Tetteh, our Director of Shop Operations. Over the next five weeks, he will be transitioning out of his current position here while he begins a new adventure as Project Manager at the Village Market in New Columbia.

“We are all sad to imagine not seeing Mychal on a daily basis,” said Alison Graves, our Executive Director. “But we are thrilled that he’s taking his considerable leadership and skills to Village Market, a project that is close to all of our hearts as well.”

Located in the diverse New Columbia neighborhood, The Village Market provides the community with fresh, healthy, and affordable groceries. The market opened in May and needs a strong, social entrepreneur to support the team and ensure the market is successful. Mychal is a perfect fit, given his interest in community gardens and food security. The Community Cycling Center has been working closely over the past two years with New Columbia residents on promoting Healthy Eating/Active Living initiatives. As a result, we have developed relationships with people who are connected to Village Market and the Community Cycling Center. With Mychal at the helm of Village Market, we will continue to work closely with him to build a healthier community at New Columbia.

“I will be bringing everything that I know about how to engage and inspire community to bear on this new project,” Mychal said. “I hope when I am finished it will serve as another model of the role non-profits can play to make healthy eating and active living approachable and affordable for people from all walks of life.”

Mychal began at our bike shop in 2005, when he was hired for a Retail Sales and Outreach position, working the floor of the shop. After a meteoric rise through our organization, he became the Director of Shop Operations in 2007. Alison noted that, “Mychal has made such a strong impact on this organization. He’s transformed the shop from creatively chaotic to a comfortable and welcoming space. He has also inspired us with his strong sense of purpose.”

The organization has made many great strides in the time Mychal has been with us. From completely renovating and expanding our bike shop, to producing over 1,000 bikes annually for our youth and adult programs, and with a renewed focus on historically underserved populations, Mychal played a great role in making this and more happen here at the Community Cycling Center. All of these accomplishments are no short order, as Mychal added, “We have made these strides during some of the most challenging economic times in recent memory. When people needed this type of community institution the most, I hope they found the leverage they needed at the Community Cycling Center.”

The next time you see Mychal, he may be ringing you up for an apple instead of a bike tube. Whatever he is doing, we know he’ll have a tremendous impact at Village Market and at New Columbia. In addition to his new position at Village Market, Mychal will continue to be active and engaged in broadening the bicycle movement as the Executive Director of the Major Taylor Cycling Club of Portland.

Alison sums it up best, “Mychal has made such a lasting impact on the Community Cycling Center, helping to create that vibrant community that is our organizational vision. Now we can continue that effort as community partners, instead of co-workers.”

Mychal will be at the shop through August 15 if you’d like to say congratulations.


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