Staff Spotlight: Jonnie Ling, Director of Operations

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist

I sat down with Jonnie Ling, our Director of Operations, for a little Q&A session. Jonnie began working at the Community Cycling Center in 2008, and has contributed greatly to the success of our organization through various roles and capacities over the years. Lets discover the mystery behind this man, shall we?

Tell us about your new role here at the Community Cycling Center. What does this new position mean to you? 

I was just recently promoted from General Manager to Director of Operations. My new title doesn’t change the appearance of my job as much as the scope of it. As General Manager it was my responsibility to make sure the shop was successful, so that it could help support the organization as a whole. My job as the Director of Operations is to manage the integration and overlap of operations with programs and administration, as well as help drive the direction of the organization.


You have worked here a while. How has the organization changed in your tenure?

I started at the Community Cycling Center as a seasonal mechanic in 2008. Since then, I have had the opportunity to serve in almost every level of the organization. In each role I’ve gained a unique perspective.

The organization has grown up during my tenure here. We’ve remodeled our bike shop; developed a style guide; set salary and wage ranges; developed comprehensive plans around marketing, inventory management, and product display; and developed a strategic plan that will guide us into the future.

We’ve developed an understanding about what it takes to be successful and what it takes to grow.


You’re involved behind the scenes in most aspects of the Community Cycling Center. What is the most exciting part of your job? On-camera interviews?

You know I don’t like on-camera interviews…  Working at the Community Cycling Center lets me tap into my creativity to innovate and improve various aspects of the organization, but I think the most exciting part of my job is that I’m always learning. The culture of investing in staff here has insured that while I am consistently faced with new challenges, I always have enough support to allow for a positive outcome. That support comes in the form of a stellar management team, great staff feedback, and excellent mentorship along the way.


You studied at OCAC and know how to make furniture. Tell us about that. Do you still find time to make furniture?

I credit Oregon College of Art and Craft with my ability to self-direct. During my thesis year, I was charged with developing a project that was meaningful to me and then presenting and defending this project publicly. This process honed my ability to work without defined parameters and left me with a design process that has been transferrable to non-profit management and development.

Also, it’s fun to design and make furniture. I’ve been working with my brother to design a stow-able sewing table, but, honestly, my projects have been few and far between since it’s gotten so cold. I’ll be in the woodshop more in the summer.


How many bikes do you have? Which one is your favorite?

I have 5 bikes including a tandem I share with my partner Kate and a mountain bike I need to sell.  My favorite bike is my daily commuter. The frame is a repainted Novara Corse (sport touring) from the early 90’s. I have rebuilt it with a full Campagnolo 9-speed groupo. It’s super comfy and pretty zippy.


What is your bike specialty?

Everyone at the shop knows that my specialty is Campagnolo ergo shifters. I have overhauled one in 15 minutes before.


Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I have a small pit-bull named “Peaches.” She was born with a twisted foot that makes her look sassy. You will sometimes catch me dispelling myths about pit-bulls and participating in breed awareness walks.

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