The Transition Continues

When you were inside during the hailstorm on Saturday, a group of volunteers, led by Kim Whitney and Neal Armstrong, moved some of the Community Cycling Center’s office by bike. We hoped it would take a few hours ended up being an all day affair. What can we say? We were optimistic.

Now we are settling into our new office in the Heritage Building at 3934 NE MLK. Our DSL connection is spotty, our files are still in boxes, our server is not yet fully accessible, but we are SO HAPPY to be in our new digs. The place is simple, but beautiful. We have windows! When I can upload pictures I will put a few on the website.

Meantime, the shop is making its own changes.

The office we occupied will soon be torn down so we can move mechanics over to focus on building bikes for our programs. If you want to see the work in progress, swing by and say hi in the next week. The shop changes will be mostly complete by the end of April.

Thanks to everyone for your help, patience, support, and encouragement. This is a big change for the Community Cycling Center. We look forward to more great work and more safe bicyclists!

Connect with Us

Hours: Open Wednesday-Friday 11AM-7PM & Saturday/Sunday 12PM-5PM. Closed MondayBike Shop Address: 1700 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

Phone: 503.287.8786