Volunteer Spotlight: Marbry Walker

By Randi Orth, Volunteer and Outreach Manager

Marbry makes us look good. Literally. For over five years, she’s supported us by lending her design expertise to our fundraising and communications teams.

Thanks to Marbry’s patient, talented design abilities, we published our Understanding Barriers to Bicycling report and have created engaging and beautiful fundraising collateral that inspires people to support the Community Cycling Center as donors and volunteers. It should also be noted that her sarcasm is second to none – so watch out, folks!

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How long have you volunteered with us?

I have been volunteering since 2007. I started by taking a Bicycle Maintenance Class at the Community Cycling Center, and then learned more about the volunteer programs from there. I started by volunteering for events, but eventually someone found out that I’m a designer. After that, my volunteer efforts evolved to almost entirely design-related work, which I am happy with.

Why do you volunteer here?

In the beginning it was about timing (and having time) and location because I lived very near the bike shop. Now it’s about the great working relationship I have with the people who work at the Community Cycling Center and over time I have developed a sense of ownership of your communication efforts. I want to see all of that stuff looking really excellent and representing you well.

What is your role as a volunteer?

I design print collateral for the Community Cycling Center, such as: self-mailers, posters, reports, and program brochures. I also consult on occasion to assist the communications people on brand decisions.

What is your favorite Community Cycling Center program? Why?

Hmmm…well, that’s a hard question because there are several great programs. I love your Bicycle Maintenance Classes because that’s how I met my husband [Rich Walker, a former mechanic for the Community Cycling Center and current owner of Kenton Cycle Repair]. I think the Holiday Bike Drive and Bike Camps are great because they get kids bikes and teach them how to ride in the city. As someone who has lived in Portland for 20 years and only owned a car for 2 of those years, and only began riding around the city 6 years ago, I know how amazing it can be to get around the city when you have a bike and know how to use it.

What is your dream bike?

Well, the one I have is pretty great. Rich made it. This question is too big, I have to think about it. It would involve glow in the dark paint somehow. And a very loud horn. And a camera. But the bike, I’m not sure about the bike details.

What do you like to do when you’re not volunteering with us?

I like to ride my bike on sunny days like today! And sit around and do nothing, maybe watch TV. I can say this and not feel pathetic because I don’t ever get to do that. My daughter, Molly (age 2.5), makes sure of it.

What would your bio-pic be called?  Who would play you?

“Marbry Walker: The Designinator”
I would pick Angelina Jolie or Rachel Weisz for their ability to act while being super active – you know, the life of a designer. However, there are some who are under the mistaken impression that I look like Ricki Lake, and you know I wouldn’t have control over this sort of thing so she’d probably get the part. I’m sure she’d be great as well.

Are you interested in supporting the Community Cycling Center as a graphic designer? Email volunteer@communitycyclingcenter.org for more information.

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