Volunteer Spotlight: Pamela Marks

By Randi Orth, Volunteer & Outreach Manager

Pam is a regular on the Tuesday Drop-In scene at our bike shop after volunteering at the Holiday Bike Drive in 2011. Never one to hesitate, Pam jumps into any bike project and is a wonderful teacher to those who are learning alongside her.

In addition to bringing a fearless approach to bicycle repair every week, Pam generously provides a much needed resource for our community bike events: Spanish interpretation. This year, Pam worked so hard at interpreting lessons and conversations at the Holiday Bike Drive that she only appeared as a blur in photos!

Pam, a thousand heartfelt thank yous for supporting the Community Cycling Center by joining us in the shop and breaking down language barriers.

Get to know Pam a little more and check out her volunteer profile below!


How long have you been volunteering at the Community Cycling Center?

I’ve been volunteering for just over a year. Holiday Bike Drive 2011 was my first. My friend Patrick, Service Manager at the Community Cycling Center, was sure I would love volunteering for the Holiday Bike Drive and urged me to sign up. He was right!


What sort of volunteer work do you do?

I enjoy being involved with the Community Cycling Center because it creates such a great community and supports a great cause. Also, I’m learning so much about bikes.


Why do you volunteer here ?

I’ve been a bilingual escort (leading kids through the event to pick out their first bike) for the last two Holiday Bike Drives and I try to show up to Tuesday drop-in to refurbish kids’ bikes for the Holiday Bike Drive. Occasionally I do other miscellaneous tasks on Tuesdays.


What is your favorite Community Cycling Center program?

I have to choose?  I guess it would be Tuesday night volunteer drop-in, which supports Holiday Bike Drive.  Tuesdays are set up to teach volunteers how to do basic bike repair while preparing  bikes for kids. It’s a win-win.


What is your dream bike?

A miraculous cargo bike that could be adjusted to ride comfortably for both me and my husband (who is a foot taller than me) and could fit into our backyard bike shed.


What do you do when you’re not here?

Garden (I’ve tucked a fruit orchard as well as a vegetable garden into a tiny urban yard), hike, bike (of course!), play board games (the nerdier the better), teach children things (my day job), and practice the grandma arts (cooking, sewing, knitting).


If someone made a bio-pic of your life, what would it be called?

Plenty of Time for an Olive Tree
As a nod to my urban homestead (I really do want to plant an olive tree) and my potential longevity (centenarians on both sides of my family tree). Any movie about my life would be long and slow, like waiting for an olive tree to bear fruit.

I’d choose my cousin, Melinda, to portray me. Her acting career hasn’t left the stage yet, but I’m sure she would be willing to make the leap. I recently witnessed her spot-on impression of my uncle. I’m sure she could do me justice.

We are always in need of more help with language interpretation and transcription. Contact Randi at randi@communitycylingcenter.org for more information.

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