Welcome New Board Members

The Community Cycling Center is happy to announce Augusto Carneiro and Tom Ralley as our newest Board Members.

Augusto Cameriro loves bikes, “as a mode of transportation, as a health benefit for all who cycle, for kids to have fun and to develop their independence.” He comes to us with years of experience as an engineer, a tennis coach, and the founder (and at times: importer, labeler, packager, sales person and CEO!) of Nossa Familia Coffee, a sustainable, local business.

Tom Ralley is a retired Portland State University professor and a longtime volunteer for Lent Elementary’s Bicycle Safety Club. “[Bike Safety Club] provides Lent students with so many opportunities for positive development,” Tom says, “that I believe anyone concerned with young people has to feel aligned with the CCC mission.”

The Community Cycling Center is glad to welcome these skilled, passionate, and dedicated community members to our Board.

The Community Cycling Center believes bicycles are a tool for personal empowerment and a vehicle for change. For more information about what we do, please visit www.CommunityCyclingCenter.org.

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The Community Cycling Center, founded in 1994, broadens access to bicycling and its benefits through innovative hands-on programs, volunteer projects, and our neighborhood bike shop. We believe bicycles are a tool for personal empowerment and a vehicle for change.

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