A Day In The Life At Bike Club – As Told By Club Instructor Maddie

Welcome to a day of Bike Club at Menlo Park Elementary School!

We first meet in the cafeteria with all the other students participating in after-school programs. This is also time for snack #1 of the day. Stoke levels are at 100%


This is sung to the tune of “Oh My Darling Clementine”


Every day during snacktime, J tells me facts about the Titanic. This is a display of the angle of the bow as the ship was sinking.

Okay! Time for bikes…

And time to introduce my STYLE ICON of a co-instructor, the incredible Alec!


Before we start riding, we ALWAYS do a personal safety check and bicycle safety check. ABCQ! Air, brakes, chain, quick release.


Team name: Mario Kart Cocomelon Ghostriders


Headed to a nearby park!


We’ve been learning about right of way these past couple of weeks! Here’s Alec demonstrating a T- intersection.

“What’s your favorite fruit?”


Some neighborhood riding…


…and playground games! The Ground is Lava is a Classic.


Snack time!


“What’s something you learned during Bike Club this spring?”


After a ride back to campus, it’s time to catch the school bus home.


Bikes all put away, ready for next time!


…and one final goodbye cheer!

Thanks for following along!

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