Getting to know: Benjamin Jaspers, Production Manager

BenjaminProduction Manager Benjamin Jaspers will celebrate five years at the Community Cycling Center next month! Benjamin is in charge of managing the production of all our program and retail bikes; he’s the guy who makes sure that all the bikes destined for Create a Commuter workshops or Bike Clubs are refurbished in time and customized for each recipient. He is also on the safety committee and is in charge of maintaining the shop machinery.

On staff since: May 2005

What brought you to the Community Cycling Center?
I LOVE repairing bicycles, and wanted to find a place to hone my skills and increase my knowledge. I moved into the neighborhood in April 2005 and saw the Community Cycling Center was hiring. I didn’t have any formal experience, but thought I could do the job.

What do you do?
I started as a production mechanic, building bikes for programs, and eventually began writing service and building sale bikes as a retail mechanic. I then moved into the role of parts buyer, a two-days-a-week job at the time, and continued serving as a mechanic with the rest of my time.

Now I’m the Production Manager. My job has many attributes, but basically I coordinate, track, and report on bicycle production. I also help to ensure a safe and supportive work environment by maintaining our tools and workspaces and providing training to staff. I also do the regular ol’ bike mechanic job as demand requires.

Why do you work here?
1) I love learning; the changing nature of the Community Cycling Center and my changing roles here keep me interested and allow me to constantly grow.
2) I love the people I work with. I feel super lucky to work with people I respect.

What is your favorite Community Cycling Center program?
I like our classes a lot, but I think the Holiday Bike Drive might be cooler. I mean, little kids + bikes + amazing, generous volunteers add up to some heartwarming business…

What is your dream bike?
All of them… But if I have to pick one, it would be a Jim Merz touring bike with a set of Merz racks.

What do you do when you’re not here?
I love tinkering with various projects in my home shop. Right now, I’m turning my tool chest into a giant robot. Also, I like poker, reading, music, sarcasm, cookies, and running.

What would the title of your biopic be? Who would play you?
William H. Macy in “Get off my lawn” or Sean Connery in “Come stand on my lawn.”

What’s your favorite work story?
I saw a Create a Commuter bike in Denver, CO when my band was touring. The bike was locked up (with a CAC lock!) in front of the venue we played that night. It is incredible to realize the breadth of the impact that program has – not just locally, but all over the country.

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