Getting to know: Carl Wilson

Carl w/ his TrekCarl greets everyone with a smile, from the hundreds of Bike Campers, shop customers, and volunteers to the moody, adopted shop cat, Zelda. With his good-natured kindness, Carl develops a quick rapport with customers and coworkers alike. Although his official roles are Production Mechanic and Retail Support, Carl is also the unofficial shop caretaker and problem solver, noticing and suggesting ways in which our shop can be improved. He is also the resident mountain bike expert with expertise in suspension and shocks.

Employee at the Community Cycling Center since
: 2003

Why do you work here?

Because we do more than a normal bike shop and I like all my coworkers. Plus, I get paid to do what I love to do.

What is your favorite Community Cycling Center program?

Bike Camp. Campers get to learn how bikes are built and how they come apart, plus how important helmets are and how to ride safely.

Dream bike?
A full-sized downhill bike.

What’s up with that new bike of yours?
It’s a Trek y22 and it’s the best bike I’ve ever built. It fits me perfectly and it’s a wheelie poppin’ machine.

What is it made for? Is it a mountain bike? Is it for space?

I haven’t been to space on it yet, but I’ve been told it looks like a 3-string Flying V guitar. It weighs about 30 pounds.

Any hobbies/passions?
Building clocks, drawing, and bikes. I hate not having a bike to ride. I feel like a part of me is missing. Plus, I don’t like to walk to get to where I’m going.

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