Golden Bike Awards

As part of the Volunteer Appreciation party last night, the Community Cycling Center held its own awards ceremony for all the great volunteers who make our work possible.

Volunteer & Events Manager Neal Armstrong handed out awards made from pieces of a “Golden Holiday Bike Drive Bike,” which highlighted the importance of teamwork in what we do. A bike is useful only when all the parts work together, and the Community Cycling Center operates the same way. Our volunteer program is certainly one of the most important components of our machine!

In addition to golden awards, there was also conversation, food, and general merriment. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us, and thank you again, volunteers, for your hard work and dedication! Click here to link to more photos from the party.


Neal Armstrong presents John Beaston, Susan Hayden, and Ben Beaston with the Golden Training Wheels.


Daniel Garber sporting his Golden Chain.


Jay Graves holding up his Golden Helmet.


Robert Graves, Jay Graves, and Dana Hinger pose for a friendly photo.


Kim Whitney and Mike Reames do some catching up.

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