Great Deals at Salvage Sundays

Intel Volunteer GroupOur Salvage Sundays are the most inexpensive way to get a bike at the Community Cycling Center. Are you an artist looking to build a fence out of old bike parts? Or maybe you’re welding together a DIY tandem. Or are you a tinkerer looking for a new bike to build up? Whatever your reason, Salvage Sunday might be for you!

The Community Cycling Center receives thousands of bikes donated to us each year. We reuse everything we can- some bikes are built up for our earn-a-bike programs, some are refurbished and sold in our shop, some are stripped for parts, and others are sold as-is. In an effort to keep as much as possible out of the waste stream, we offer whatever parts are left at Salvage Sundays.

Each Sunday afternoon, from 12-2pm, we open up our recycling cage behind the shop and invite community members to come by and purchase what we can’t utilize. Bring your own tools and strip off whatever you don’t need. Everything at the salvage sale is sold for a mere 50¢ a pound!

Salvage Sunday is a great way to meet fellow DIY bicycle lovers, keep garbage out of the landfill, and get a great deal on bike parts. We hope to see you behind the shop sometime soon on a Sunday afternoon.

Photo by Cintia Campos

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