Meet Michelle, a We All Can Ride superstar

By Britt Appleton, Social Media Specialist

Michelle Hanna is a great example of what can happen when you make biking accessible to everyone. A few years ago she earned a bike through our Create a Commuter program, and has since become very involved with We All Can Ride, a resident-led bike committee at New Columbia.

Michelle has been dedicated to her bicycle ever since she received it. She appreciates how she can get around town while enjoying the scenery, getting exercise, and spending quality time riding with her son, Dominic. Michelle believes that her bicycle has changed her life because of the people she has been able to ride with and the feeling of being involved in her community.

The weekly Saturday rides led by We All Can Ride give kids from New Columbia the opportunity to explore new neighborhoods in Portland. “Riding with the kids on Saturday is the best,” says Michelle. “The kids are enthused. They listen. It’s great seeing them learning the rules of the road. You see them progress as smart little bike riders.”

She is excited for the Bike Repair Hub because it will strengthen what We All Can Ride can do for New Columbia. “It’s going to be a meeting place for the kids. It’s going to make leaders of the teens. It will encourage biking – which of course leads to better health. Hopefully it will show the community how much we all care and want the best for all of us.”

Please consider supporting the Bike Repair Hub at New Columbia. And join us for a ribbon-cutting celebration on September 5th!

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