Overhaul Special returns – $100 off this winter

Over the next month, your bike will see the typical elements familiar to Portlanders: rain, mud, and the dreaded wintry mix.  Your ride could probably use some love. We want to make it easy for you. This January and February, we’ll take $100 off the cost of a standard overhaul.

We’ll put the same love and care into your bike that we do with our refurbished bicycles that we sell in the shop. When we overhaul your bike, we start by stripping the bike down to its frame, then we clean and wax it. Next, we overhaul the headset, hubs, and bottom bracket. Overhauls include a complete tune up and drive train cleaning, so when you get your bike back from us, it will feel brand new!

Treat yourself!

Our standard overhaul price is $275 for most road, commuter, and mountain bikes (prices vary based on type of bike). During this special promotion, we’ll take $100 off.

Not sure if your bike needs to be overhauled? Stop by our shop and chat with our friendly mechanics.

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