Report from the 2010 Golden Bike Awards

Golden Bike AwardsOn the evening of Tuesday, January 26th, over 60 staff members and volunteers filled the bike shop for the annual Volunteer Appreciation Night and Golden Bike Awards. Traveling from the farthest reaches of the Portland metro area, the dedicated attendees braved a downpour to celebrate the accomplishments of the Community Cycling Center and its volunteers in 2009.

As the crowd assembled, everyone enjoyed tamales and dishes prepared by staff members while greeting old friends and making new ones.

Kim and the Golden Bike AwardsVolunteer & Outreach Coordinator Brian Benson got things started with some details about the volunteer program, including this: for every one staff member there are 24 volunteers working to bolster their important work.

After Brian’s introduction, Alison Graves, Director of Community & Programs, took the floor to offer heartfelt thanks to all involved in making 2009 a success. She shared the newly unveiled vision statement that describes the community that the Community Cycling Center will work to create and foster over the next 20 years, one “where people of all backgrounds use bicycles to stay healthy and connected.” Murmurs of excitement rippled through the crowd and many heads nodded in approval.

By this time, the mood was set for the Golden Bike Awards. Brian peeled back a covering on the front counter to reveal a bicycle, broken down to its components and painted gold. 2009’s outstanding volunteers were awarded every inch of this bicycle, from the wheels to the chain to the horn. Others who helped with special projects received an eclectic array of golden goodies, including computer mice for designers, toothbrushes for the Cycle Oregon detailing team and a pen for the artist behind the Holiday Bike Drive cartoon.

JimThe awards were handed out to much applause and laughter, and pride was evident on the faces of all recipients. The final award, a gold frame, was given to Volunteer of the Year Jim O’Horo, who, in addition to being a champion of all things bicycle, was identified by a shout from the crowd as a man who makes “killer pancakes!”

The excitement and pride in the room was tangible as everyone came together to recognize the profound efforts of all involved in another successful year at the Community Cycling Center.

After the ceremony, people lingered for more eating, meeting and celebrating. As all good things must, the festivities ended and we emptied into the rainy streets, well-fed, content and excited for another great year.

This story was reported by volunteer Brian McIntyre

All photos above by volunteer Jim Parsons, check out more of his photos from the night on his Flickr page.

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