Winter Riding Shop-Tip Medley

By Forrest Scott, Service Supervisor

Hello Everyone! The first day of fall is just about a week away! Last Thursday’s blustery weather reminded me that it’s time to adjust my bike commuting practice to suite the changing season. And, given that it’s almost fall, we know that:

Below is a collection of relevant shop tips to help you face the colder weather with confidence.

First off: I find that I need to carry more stuff with me in the winter, be it rain gear, extra layers, change of clothes, etc. You can find our tip on carrying cargo on your bike here.

Also, don’t forget our Pack-a-Pannier special! It’s a great way to get set for winter riding and maybe even save some cash on early holiday shopping. Buy any full price pannier or bag and enjoy 25% off any new parts and accessories you can fit in the pannier! Did I mention 25% off?!?!

Now that we’re confident we can safely carry the gear we need to ride in comfort you might be asking, “Just what gear DO I need to be safe and comfy on the dark wet winter commutes?”

Here’s another great tip from Patrick on riding in the rain.

Lastly, it’s important to remember your bike’s well being in the winter time. Things get grimy with all that rain. Grime, left unchecked, will wreak havoc on your rims and drive-train parts. Make sure your brake pads are in good shape, rims are clean, and that your chain is clean and well lubricated. Keeping up on these maintenance points throughout the winter will help avoid undue wear and tear on chain-rings, cassettes/freewheels, and rim brake surfaces. That adds up to savings on maintenance!

I hope this information helps you to ride safely and confidently through the winter! As always, if you have questions or concerns please feel free to call or drop by the shop. Don’t feel like tackling bike maintenance via a DIY approach? Our lead times on repairs will be getting shorter as the summer wanes and our mechanics are happy to provide a free estimate for the repairs your bike might need to get you through the winter safely.

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