2008 Brings Changes for CCC

Here at the Community Cycling Center, we are bringing in the New Year with some changes we would like to share with you.

If you receive our monthly email update, you know things have been in a bit unsettled lately due to last month’s unfortunate collision. We are now clearing out our front office for repairs, which leaves us with even less work space than before! In response to the problem of too little space for too many bodies, our 3-person Programs team will be taking up temporary residence at the Northeast Neighborhood Coalition office, while our 3-person Development and Communications team is moving to a room a few doors down on NE Alberta St.  

The other major change is the expansion of our program offerings that we’ve been planning for a while now. Well, it’s 2008, and you can finally see them in action! From Family Riding to Advanced Bicycle Maintenance, our classes ($125 to $175) are intended to help each person reach their own unique bicycling goals, whether it’s commuting to work, riding with family, or simply improving skills. Visit our Programs page to find the class for you!

Connect with Us

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